Fezzybob and the Parakeet

Fezzybob was a ferret: a very playful ferret. His masters bought him all different kinds of colorful toys, delightful noisemakers, and fur covered objects to keep him happy. Most of the time, Fezzybob was content with what he had, but sometimes an evil ferret-like thought would cross his mind, and, with a bandit's grin, he would sneak into the forbidden room.

In the forbidden room, the largest of the masters slept, and perched on the top cabinet was a tiny parakeet in her delicate bird cage. She was a brighter shade of green than Fezzybob's most colorful toy. She chirped louder than his loudest bell. She had more feathers than his most feathered ball. Fezzybob would stare and stare and stare at her until the temptation was too much, and he would leap onto the bed, to the top of the vanity, and onto the cabinet.

Fezzybob would paw and bat at the little bird while she chirped for help until one of the masters came and grabbed. Fezzybob always felt a little bad after he was sprayed with water and told "No!" very sternly… just not bad enough.

Fezzybob was also very curious. He was especially curious about the shiny golden things laid out on the vanity. On occasion he would spirit away a charm or earring to his home until it was found during the next cleaning.

One day Fezzybob slipped out of his cage and crept to the vanity. To his great delight, the masters had left on of the drawers open. He cast a glance at the parakeet.

"One sound out of you, and it'll mean trouble," he said. The parakeet gulped. Fezzybob smirked and burrowed into the drawer. He filled his arms with rings and pendants and tried to climb out, but his hands were so full of his ill-gotten gains he could not get out. He jumped and scrabbled and stood as tall as he could and still could not get out. He slumped against the side of the drawer, panting.

Suddenly it shifted and started to close. Dropping his loot, Fezzybob climbed onto the vanity top, but he wasn't fast enough. His tail was caught.

"Ooh! It hurts!" Fezzybob cried. He looked up at the bird cage. "Little bird, call for help!" The parakeet shook her head. Fezzybob remember his threat and tried to take it back. "Please, little bird! Fezzybob didn't mean it! He was just playing!" The parakeet shook her head again. "Kind bird, sweet bird, pretty little bird! Please help poor Fezzybob! His poor tail is breaking!" Finally, the bird opened her beak.

"Promise not to sneak in here anymore?" she chirped.

"Yes, oh, yes! Fezzybob promises!"

"Promise not to bat at me anymore?"

"Anything! Fezzybob will do anything to save his poor tail!"

"Very well," and she called out loud and clear.

That day, the little parakeet saved Fezzybob's tail. Fezzybob kept his promise and eventually became friends with the bird. After all, he had a bent tail to remind him to be kind to everyone because one day he may need some help.

A/N- I wrote this for an English assignment. It's supposed to be a fable. The second my teacher mentioned the assignment the name 'Fezzybob the Ferret' popped into my head and the story almost wrote itself. R&R!