Stephen tilted his head back, groaning as James leaned in to deepen their kiss. The shorter male was now between Stephen's legs; how he got there Stephen didn't know, but he wasn't exactly complaining. Sure hands traced the muscles in Stephen's back, trailing down over to the front, dipping into his bellybutton and then over again, to his hips and then down. Clearly avoiding...

Stephen ripped away from the kiss, leaving them both to pant helplessly.

"What? What is it?" James asked cautiously, but not without impatience.

"You're shorter, aren't you supposed to be the submissive one?" Stephen growled sullenly. If this wasn't Stephen, James would have scoffed. He was naïve at times. But still, he'd stopped the makeout session for that?

James growled, deep in his chest. Stephen shuddered at the sound, James smiled. "Would you really want me to... stop?" He asked, leaning in. His breath was hot against Stephen's ear. He shuddered again.

"You-" He gulped when he felt James' teeth graze his ear, moving down to tug on a piercing. "Sadist."

"You love it."

Stephen wondered briefly if this was what was considered dirty talk. Then James pushed a knee into his groin, gently but with pressure, and he saw stars. He gasped; "Oh my God."

"I also answer to James," James responded cheekily. "I'll be here all week." He nibbled on Stephen's bottom lip.

"Loser," Stephen grunted as James started sucking on his pulse.

"Takes one to know one."

What more they would have said, or done, was cut short by a loud gasp – that was produced by neither one of them – and a screech.

"Uncle Stephen?!"

Stephen jerked. "Lorin! What are you doing here?" Stephen looked ready to bolt, but he couldn't do anything with James pinning him to the chair.

"I don't know, Uncle, what are you doing?" Lorin crossed his arms, raising a brow.

"Now, now Lorin," Lowell, Lorin's brother, said amiably. "Be nice. I mean, at least we got a few good shots." He shrugged, returning the camera to his pocket.

"Shots?" Stephen jerked again.

"Mom told us to come over and drop off some food," Lorin held up a plastic bag, "clearly we weren't expected."

"Clearly," James said dryly.

"Hey Stephen, I heard some noise- Oh my God!" Phillip shied back, his elbow thudding into the wall. "I'll just come back later," he said in a high voice.

"Flipper, stop being an idiot!" Stephen snapped.

"Then explain to me what exactly you're doing," he shot back.

"Do you really want to know?" Asked James.

Stephen hit James on the shoulder. "Stop making it worse!" He sighed. "You already know about us..."

"Doesn't mean you have to put it on display, you voyeurs. Clearly you aren't setting a good example for the younger generation," he glanced at an amused Lorin and Lowell.

Stephen blinked. "We aren't voyeurs."

"Then why was your door open?" He held up a stack of photos. "And why were these posted in the lounge?"


Poor Stephen.


A/N: Just a 500 word drabble for these two, written in response to the HolidaySmut comm. challenge on LJ; prompt was "cameras." (Oh and I did mean voyeur [or rather, Phillip did] not exhibitionist because Flipper is a doofus and thinks they're the same thing.) More to come, but later. :3