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Chapter one – Felicity's

Luc wasn't the sort of boy who often noticed girls – and certainly not girls like the one that had tripped into Felicity's on that chilly November morning. Her hair was short and shaggy, giving her the appearance of an unkempt puppy; the dress she wore was really more of a long shirt, and would most definitely have been deemed immodest by the majority of society if her skinny legs hadn't been wrapped up in those stripy leggings. A snake-like scarf appeared to be strangling her, and her feet were engulfed in a pair of large grey snow boots. She asked for a table for one, and a glass of water. With ice.

The girl thrust the menu in Luc's face when he returned to claim it, her skinny fingers splayed across the fancy logo on the front that proclaimed "Felicity's".

When Luc peeled the menu out of her sweaty fingers they left wet marks on the cheap plastic. The heat was turned up way too high.

"Are we ready to order, miss?"

The girl did not look ready to order. She slumped over the table, pointed jaw stabbing into her thin palm.

"Why do you people always say 'we'."

It was more of a statement than a question, really, but for some reason Luke felt the need to reply.

"'W-we people'?"

"Hm. Waitresses, waiters – why is it always 'we' – I mean I'm the one ordering, not you."

Luc crinkled his nose a moment before answering,

"…I don't know. I guess it makes the customer feel more comfortable?"


The cheap plastic menu squeaked again when she pulled it from his sweaty fingers; she opened it began to read.

"So, um, a-are we ready to order, miss?"

"Hm? Oh, no."

"Oh. Okay."

"Mm-hm. You can go away now."

Luc blushed in embarrassment at having to be told, and slunk back into the kitchen as fast as he could.

The girl never ended up ordering anything.

Monday morning brought sleet, hail, and the shaggy-haired girl from yesterday to the tiny diner located on the intersection of Beech and Peach. You have to wonder who named these streets. The swinging sign over the door shook as it was berated with falling ice chunks, but it's fancy scripting of the name, 'Felicity's' looked as smart and polished as it ever had.

She wore a long black jacket, with a hood that granted her impervious to the foul weather raging outside the big picture window. Her heavy grey boots were rimmed with slush, and had begun to melt the minute they were inside. Water dripped onto the red and white checkerboard floor that Luc himself had mopped just that morning. She asked for a table for one, and a glass of water. With ice.

Luc was surprised to see her again, but not unhappy. He smiled as he made his way over to the booth her tiny body was attempting to fill.

"Are we ready to order, miss?"

Once again, the girl seemed yet to have made up her mind. Her shaggy dog head dropped back against the cheep red plastic of the booth bench, and she handed him her menu. No sweaty prints today.

"Again with this 'we' business?"

Luc smiled – "Sorry, miss; are you ready to order?"

The girl grinned toothily at him, lips peeling back to reveal pearly whites that looked to have been privy to the work of braces at one time or another.


Hardly expecting anything more Luc smiled, if a bit weakly, and ghosted back to the kitchen – as only a true waiter can.

The third time that Felicity's was graced with the odd girl's presence was on Wednesday afternoon. Her cheeks were flushed a bright pink from the harsh November wind and her hair was, if possible, more unruly than ever. She asked for a table for one, and a glass of water. With ice.

This time Luc didn't bother waiting until she looked ready to order. He approached the table where she sat, legs swinging idly, bright hazel eyes roaming the menu that she must have memorized by now – she'd read it over so many times.

"So, you going to order anything today?" Luc asked pleasantly.

The girl smiled up at him. She seemed a bit tired today.

"Not sure. You don't seem to have anything I want."

"Well, what do you want? I can ask the chef to make it, if it's not too outrageous,"

The girl smiled, weakly this time.

"How about something free."

Luc was taken aback for a moment, before he realized she was joking. He laughed. She laughed too.

"I'll tell you what – I'll buy you lunch – in exchange for your name. How's that sound?"

The girl's eyes brightened like stars on a cloudless night.



"Billy – my name's Billy. Can I have spaghetti?"



After a moment's hesitation Luc smiled. Whether she was telling the truth or not, he still liked her.

"One order of spaghetti coming right up, miss."

Billy grinned wildly to herself as she waited in her booth, small hands clasped tightly in her lap.

Felicity's had a new customer.

To be continued...

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