The Storm is Coming

The storm is coming, to everyone and to everything.

Disaster follows in its wake, no matter what road is taken.

Those who ignore it, choose to open their windows and call upon the destruction it would invite with it.

The storm is coming, nature in its beauty and power cannot be stopped.

Whether it is the truth, change, creation or destruction, it will occur.

Those who underestimate it choose to go outside and dance as each strike of lightning falls.

The storm is coming, the world will be changed.

For better or for worst it is impossible to know.

Those who fear it choose to become easy meat for the fangs of the cutting wind and the falling rain.

The storm is coming; change is not the end to life, but the beginning of a new chapter.

Adaptation and endurance is a gift given to the living, to survive and search for more.

Those who embrace it, who choose to roar with every clap of thunder, who welcome the end or the beginning, choose face it with glory and courage and go out with a last hurrah.