Walking through the dark corridors of the large house, Viktor stiffened. Turning he faced his intruder, as he looked into the dark red eyes of his midnight visitor he felt the anger rise in him.

"Hello my dear friend Viktor," the intruder said.

"What do you want now Vladimir?" Viktor replied icily turning to walk to his study.

"Can't a friend come to say hello?"

"Yes, friends come to say hello but you are far from a friend Vladimir," Viktor opened the door to his study not bothering to close it.

"Hmm, nice place," Vladimir eyed the room with admiration until they fell back on Viktor sitting behind his desk.

"Please sit," Viktor said curtly as Vladimir took the seat across from him.

"Why thank you."

"So what is it you want Vladimir?"

"Not much for the chit chat eh?" Vladimir smiled even as Viktor grimaced, "Very well, I need you to take care of a problem for me."

"What is this problem of yours?"

"It seems our good friend Dante is at it again," Viktor froze, it hasn't been too long since he last saw Dante.

"No, absolutely not," Viktor only remembered too well the look on Dante's face when he last left him.

"Do I have to remind you that you are a Vampire of the Law and you don't have a choice in this matter?" Vladimir asked coolly, "Have you already forgotten why he still stands today?"

"N-no," Viktor answered remembering the long argument he had with Vladimir on keeping Dante alive.

"He has picked up another human," Vladimir shifted through his pockets pulling out a picture, "This is the girl." Handing him the picture Vladimir gasped, it looked almost exactly like that women he slain all those years ago, only this one had black hair. "It seems to be a pattern," Vladimir said grimly putting his hands together, "No longer will it be as such. The girl can live as long as none of the other humans have seen them together, if there is any physical evidence of them together I need her dead."

Viktor felt space where his heart used to be ache, the last time it ached was when he saw Dante. He thought Dante had killed himself; he disappeared for so long…

"Viktor do you hear me?" Vladimir said impatiently.

"Yes," he muttered. Dante would rather be dead then lose another love, but Viktor didn't want to take him out of the world, why did the responsibility have to fall on him? Then he got an idea, "What if he already turned the girl?"

Vladimir sighed, "Well then we can't do anything about that. For this I want you to be very careful, Dante has gotten much more powerful through the years. Find out where he sleeps, what his schedule is, and the moment you get him alone kill him, you can worry about the girl later."

Viktor nodded, a plan forming in his mind. He had to find Dante as soon as he got there, and he had to warn him of Vladimir. Never again would he put Dante through the same pain he once faced. Mentally he sighed, to get Dante to even consider speaking to him was going to be near impossible.

Smiling Vladimir scrutinized him with his red eyes, the same red eyes so many of the Turks gazed into in their last moments of life, "If he's not dead within the week I will kill you myself."

Before Viktor could argue the vampire was gone and in his place laid an envelope. Gritting his teeth he picked up the envelope and read the contents.

"A small town in the U.S.," Viktor smirked, "That's nothing like you Dante."

Lifting from his chair he looked at the elaborate portrait behind him. Within the frame stood a beautiful, slender woman with red hair and a dusting of freckles on her cheeks, her ice blue eyes staring into nothing. Reaching out Viktor stroked the bottom of the painting, the oil long dried. As if burned he pulled his hand back and fisted it over his chest.

"I miss you so my dear Elizabeth," the aching hole in his chest was near crippling.

Turning his back to the woman he walked out of his study to warn Dante.


Speeding into the small town, Viktor wished he choose a less conspicuous vehicle, the black Lamborghini cut through the streets every head turning. The sun was just about to set, regardless Viktor was glad he choose tinted windows.

Seeing a church he remembered how Dante loved being what he thought he was, a creature. Never did Dante hold the illusions so many of the vampire kind did. Dante believed he was a monster, but he was also too scared to die.

Parking at the church, Viktor stepped out of his car quickly picking up Dante's scent in the neighboring cemetery. It was days old, he found a new place. He cursed to himself, now that Dante had this human he more than likely moved closer to her.

Taking in a deep breath of the night air Viktor jumped back into the black car and sped off to the next town for something to drink. If he could avoid it he wouldn't let Dante know he was there till the last possible moment, then he would have to listen to him.

Viktor gripped at his chest ready to rip the shirt from his body in pain as the hole burned fiercely. He tried for so long to shut out his emotions, to ignore sadness along with happiness. Sometimes he couldn't ignore it, the hole where his heart used to be wouldn't allow him to forget. Lifting his shirt he looked at the disfiguring scar on his chest, it throbbed in pain and burned an angry red. Letting the shirt fall over his hand he touched it tentatively, the burning sensation wracked his body. Clenching his jaw he held back a scream.

Never before had it hurt so much.

Turning his music up to a near deafening volume he sped on hoping the loud rhythm will block out his pain.


Driving back through the small town Viktor spotted her. The human was standing at the end of the street staring at him.

He didn't mean to but his foot let off of the gas and he slowed as he passed her causing her to look a bit frightened. Quickly he turned the corner and stopped, he found her quicker than he thought he would.

Calming down he reminded himself that he still didn't know which house was hers. Stepping out of the car he was immediately assaulted with Dante's scent. She definitely lived close.

He walked leisurely down the street trying to find where Dante's scent collected most, with that knowledge he could more than likely find the girl's house. This street seemed so serene, so quiet. Dante had changed his taste in environments in the last century.

Small trickles of light began to show over the horizon, Viktor was quite old but not as old as some of the Ancients, he only had an hour at most in direct sunlight. He had to make this as quick as possible.

Coming to a stop at where the girl was last he flared his nostrils trying to pick up her scent. If he had come any later he wouldn't have been able to sort through the hundreds of smells for hers but the strong warm smell of her scent broke through the older ones.

Singling in on that one smell he ambled along the path of the scent coming to a small patch of lawn with a two story house. His heightened vision even could see where her feet trampled over the grass. Walking away as casually as he could he silently patted himself on the back, he found him on the first day and it would only be hours until he awoke to come to this house.

Confident and assured of his success Viktor drove to the outskirts of town to check in at a motel. Getting into his room he drew the curtains and even threw an extra blanket over top of them to be sure the light would stay out.

Sitting on the edge of his bed he rubbed his temples and eyelids, just because he could bare the sun didn't mean it hurt. Kicking off his shoes he laid back on the bed.

Staring at the white ceiling Viktor vowed to save Dante from any hurt this time, even if he had to turn the girl himself, this time Dante couldn't wait, he had to turn her and run.

Vladimir is dangerous, Viktor knew that first hand. Clutching at his chest he sighed. Tonight his dreams would be riddled with what used to be and nightmares of what it is now.


Awaking at 8 PM Viktor cursed himself for oversleeping. Not even bothering to brush his hair he ran out of the hotel and into his Lamborghini and was already speeding into town.

The plan was to awake on the sun's last rays and catch Dante before he could get there, at this point the must have already caught Viktor's scent. Vampires never forget the smell of the one that killed every happy dream they ever had.

He didn't know what Dante would do though, would he smell Viktor and stay to kill him? To stop him from destroying his dreams again? Or would he run and disappear never to be found again? Whatever he did Viktor knew he wouldn't do it without this new girl with him.

Screeching to a halt far down the street from the girl's house Viktor jumped out of the car his full black outfit melting into the darkness. Without a sound he ran around the house unseen even if someone were to look directly at him.

All the smells were at least half a day old.

Slipping back into his Lamborghini Viktor now had to play the waiting game…