"And Prince Charming proposed to Cinderella; but, being the smart girl she was, she turned him down, planning on going to college and getting a respectful job."

Yes, I, Camelyn Isabelle Davis, just changed a classic story, a Disney story. Sorry, but Cinderella is a horrid story telling girls the wrong thing. I didn't like the story at all, and would have preferred to have read Mulan or The Beauty and the Beast. Unfortunately, I don't get my way all the time, especially with Katlynn.

"Sissy can you sing? Please." I sighed. I would do anything for my four, soon-to-be five, year-old sister. She was the only immediate family I have.

"What song, Katlynn?"

"Hush little baby!"

"Fine, but you better be fast asleep when I am done." She nodded her head excitedly, but I could see that she was tired.

"Hush little baby, don't say a word,

Sissy's gonna buy you a mockingbird.

And if that mocking bird won't sing

Sissy's gonna get you a diamond ring."

After a few verses, Katlynn was out and I wasn't paying attention to the words, just daydreaming.

About five years ago, my father died in the war in Iraq. He promised to return, but he never did. He died for his comrades and received a purple heart for his sacrifice. That medal is currently resting in its velvet-lined box in my room.

Then in June, my mother gave birth to my precious baby sister. Then, for some reason, she cracked. None of the doctors know why, but I think she didn't want Katlynn; she took after dad, while I took after mom. Nevertheless, she cracked, and is currently living in the attic, refusing to come down, reliving the past.

My best buds, Aeron, Chase, James, and Cody, managed to take a load off my shoulders; even in sixth grade, I had quite a few boy admirers. My friends pretty much scared them all away, despite what Tanya, Abby, and Natalie thought. I was stuck with being a mother of a little girl and my mother's caretaker. A boyfriend that would eventually break my heart was and is still the last thing I need.

Getting up, I banished all the thoughts on the previous topic, and walked over to my sister. I leaned down and kissed Katlynn on her smooth forehead. Then, I quietly left her room, lightly stepping into the hallway, and back to the painful place called reality.

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