Ch 9

"Ok everyone from the original game is here plus the new comer." Abby said getting everyone's attention.

"Can you guys please go home? I actually have homework to do." I muttered for the twentieth time since they barged and entrance ten minutes ago.

Aeron cam over to the couch I was sitting on. He then snatched my homework. Sitting there, the boy tried to decode my homework.

"Ok, what in the world does this even mean? I only understand a few of the words here and there.

"It's a story book, and that's the original Snow White story, in German. I have to read and comprehend it then answer the questions that follow it."

Aeron chuckled, handing back my book. "Well now I'm glad I'm in my second year of German." He nudged my ribs. "I have a genius helping me out all the time."

Abby came over to where we were sitting, annoyed that we were ignoring her. She snatched my book. "You, missy, have all weekend to do your craptasticular homework. Right now we have other orders of business to attend to. Namely Mr. Hotshot's punishment dare. And then it's Extreme I Never."

Everyone just looked at Abby. Does she spend all of her time looking up ways to torture people?

"Um… what is Extreme I Never?" Travis voiced all of our thoughts. What in the hell is it and why do I have a bad feeling about it?

"Don't worry about it. All shall be revealed when time comes. Right now we need to give the punishment. The rules are simple. Cam picks the main idea for the dare, and the rest of us, not including the happy couple, get to give the specifics to the dare."

I looked at Zayden, whose face had an expression of nonchalant. We both knew it was only a matter of time until this happened.

"Come one guys. Isn't he being punished enough? I mean, he has to deal with me." Everyone just gave me a look. The easy way wasn't going to work. "Fine, he has to go on two dates with a person of your guys' choice. You guys can also decide on the major things happening."

The girls grinned, more than likely, already plotting against Zayden.

"Ok," Cody said, speaking first, "Zayden you have to go on the dates with-"

"CAMELYN!" Tanya, Abby, and Natalie chorused in, finishing Cody's sentence for him.

"Um, guys sorry to tell you, but they're already dating. The dare would be redundant." James muttered.

"So? They are cute together. Besides you boys get to decide on the date requirements. We won't do anything except one or two suggestions."

"OK, for one of the dates you two have to go to Chicago for the weekend. There you have to go one of the museums, see a play, and if time permits- which it should- go to the mall." Chase said.

"Oh and we'll be kind. One of the will be a group date and the other one will be just the two of you." Aeron added in.

"Fine. The Chicago trip can be the group date. I don't want to be the only one who suffers that weekend."

Chase grinned. "Guys, don't be offended, but I don't need anyone's input for the next date. For your couple date, you have to take our Angel out to a fancy restaurant, go watch a movie, and do whatever PG-13 sweethearts do. The restaurant has to be, at the very least, a four star dining establishment. I honestly don't care what movie you watch, it just has to be around two hours long. And when I say PG-13, I mean PG-13. If you try anything on our baby bird, we will kill you." Chase was glaring at Zayden at the end.

A moment of silence was ended by everyone yelling his name. After that, the girls cried out a "We love you," and the guys shouted a "You're the man."

I shook my head and looked at my lap. Couldn't everyone just give it a rest? Yes, I was dating the school's hottie. Yah, he's my first boyfriend. But they're supposed to be my friends, so shouldn't the have the decency to shut the hell up?

"Hey don't look so glum, or at least don't break down just yet. They might not be showing it right now, but we do want you to be happy. Be thankful no one has decided to chase him with a baseball bat." Aeron said proceeding to kiss me on the forehead. This little exchange went unnoticed by everyone, thankfully.

"Ok, now that that is over, on to Extreme I Never!" Abby said jumping up and down as if someone fed her a pound of sugar.

"Simmer child," I laid a hand on top of Abby head. "Will you please explain Extreme I Never?"

"Well what you do is you have x amount of cups in front of you filled with a beverage. Then we go around in a circle saying things like 'never have I ever had sex with someone.' Then, if you've done that, you have to drink one of the cups. The person with cups in the end wins. The extreme part comes in when you fill that x amount of cups with alcohol. Which, now thinking about it, we won't be playing. But, if we were, if you passed out you would be disqualified."

I just rolled my eyes, and then got up to get the cups and soda. It would be impossible to do my German homework with them here, so I decided to humor them. If you can't beat them, join them.

"I have Dixie cups and 7-up. That better be good enough for you guys." I muttered, carrying in a new box of 100 cups and an unopened bottle of soda.

"Kay. I get to start!" Abby hollered the moment ten cups of soda was in front of each person. "Let's see, never have I ever attended a wedding."

Aeron, Zayden, James, and I all grabbed one of our cups and drank the soda. After that it was my turn.

"Um, never have I ever gotten anything lower than an A on my report card."

"God you are such a school suck-up. Do you even know what a life is?" Tanya complained as she and the other girls took a cup and drank.

"Well that is why she is one of the few to have a chance at valedictorian." James joked around as he and the other guys took a cup.

"Ok, um… Never have I ever kissed a guy."

"Lame," The four of us girls chorused, taking one of the cups. Both Aeron and Travis looked abashed as they seized one of their cups.

"Whoa, what the hell have you two been doing?" Zayden interrogated, scooting closer to me.
"I lost a bet. Actually what was it even about Cam?"

"You thought that anyone could do cheer because it was that easy. Helen and I proceeded to prove you wrong by showing you one of our halftime show routines and attempting to get you to do it flawlessly."

"It was on a dare." Travis muttered looking slightly humiliated.

"Ok, changing subject. Never have I ever played in an organized sport." Aeron stated simply, watching five of us take a glass.

"Never have I ever drunk alcohol." Travis said as almost everyone groaned and snatched up a cup.

"Ok, seriously," Zayden mutter, "You guys must have taken communion before. Like every Christian as drank wine at least once."

The three of us shook our heads. Neither Aeron nor I were ever communed, for a good reason, and Tanya's not Christian.

"OK, my turn," Cody shouted. At least one person was having fun. "Never have I ever gone all the way with someone."

Zayden groaned audibly. I turned slightly to watch as he took another cup from his already depleted supply. Thinking about it, excluding his turn, Zayden has taken a cup ever single time.

"Oh my god, James!"

James turned a deep red. "Never have I ever gotten highlights or dyed my hair."

Natalie, Chase, and I reached for a cup when we heard my boyfriend grumble.

"I believe that all of you are plotting my demise at this every second, because I keep on getting stuck drinking every fucking turn."

"To bad for you, bro." Chase chuckled, and then continued on with the game. "Never have or do I ever plan to leave the United States."

Aeron, Abby, Travis and all drained a cup and waved for the next person, Tanya, to go.

"Never have I ever gone to one of those parties always found in clichés."

"A.k.a., the ones that has alcohol." Abby helped out.

"And the popular people doing stupid things." Natalie added.

"People are always getting drunk and high at those types of parties." Tanya interjected.

"And, in case you guys haven't figured it out, the parties that couples get all hot and sweaty."

All the guys, minus Aeron, seized a glass and drowned it at the last statement.

"Ok, never have I ever got passed first base."

Abby and I were the only ones besides Nat who didn't take a cup. I tried to figure something out, but I just shook my head, remembering the summer after freshman year.

"You know we could totally fix that right now." Zayden whispered to me, leaning over.

"Abby! Switch me seats please!" I jumped up, moving to the other side of my closest girl friend.

"I don't really want to sit next to your cootie infested boyfriend!" She hollered, but then scooted over after receiving the look. "Fine. Round one is over, and the score is Tanya in the lead, having only drunk three of her cups. Natalie closely follows with a loss of four cups. Cam, Aeron, Travis, Cody, and I follow with five cups left. Chase and James both have four cups left. And Mr. I'm-gonna-strike-out-first has two left.

I rolled my eyes. Only Abby would have to announce the scores before moving on.

"Never have I ever been to six flags."

I looked over at Zayden, who had a look of disgust on his face as he drank the second to last cup. Tanya was the only other person who took one, because that was her eighth grade graduation trip.

"I'll be kind and put Zayden out of misery. Never have I ever broken up with someone."

Zayden, Cody, Travis, Natalie, and Chase all glared at me before taking a cup.

"Never have I ever tee-peed someone's house." Aeron said, skipping Zayden.

I grabbed one of my five remaining cups as Cody grabbed one of his four.

Travis thought for a moment before exclaiming his. "Never have I ever threatened to kill or hurt someone!" Everyone seemed to groan and take a cup, except Zayden and myself.

"The things that can happen in the span that it takes someone to get something can amaze you." Cody said answering my unspoken question. "Now never have I ever kissed someone that I wasn't dating on the lips."

"Bottoms up Cam?" Aeron asked holding up his cup. I snatched up one of my few remaining cups.

"Bottoms up." I grinned and emptied the 7-up filled cup.

"Camelyn, when was this and with whom?" Oh, crap. Maybe I should have done that a bit differently.

I just pointed a finger at Aeron. "It was freshman year; don't kill either of us." I paused and looked at James. "Please go, before I'm murdered."
"Never have I ever sung in the shower."

Every single one of the chorus kids and Travis grasped a cup and downed it.

Chase looked at his cups then at us. "Never have I ever attempted a back flip."

All the girls and Aeron, who kept throwing dirty looks at me, took a cup and drank it.

"Ok, never have I ever been out of state," Tanya acknowledged.

Aeron and I drank our last cups as Abby and Chase drank their second to last cup; at the same time, Travis, James, and Natalie drank one of their three remaining cups.

The game kept going but I completely zoned it out, opting to go to the couch and work on my German. Aeron followed me and tried, unsuccessfully, to translate the story to English, and Zayden just sat there trying to distract me.

"God Camelyn, isn't one guy more than enough?" Tanya jokingly interrogated me. "Or must you have a dozen pawning after you?"

"What can I say? I refuse to give up Aeron no matter who I'm dating." I stuck my tongue out then turned to Zayden. "Looks like you have to fight a losing battle Zay-Zay."

Everyone snickered at me. Abby was about to say something when my aunt came down.

"Hey Cam, I'm going out so hold down the fort. And… hello my niece's friends. Are you guys going home?"

Everyone started heading towards the door at that. Aeron, on the other hand, remained rooted to the spot.

Aunt Casey didn't seem fazed by this and for a good reason too.

"Ok, you two. Katlynn is upstairs; she just fell asleep. Finally. What do you feed that child? And one more thing, remember-"

"There are condoms in the bathroom. If we want to do anything keep in mind that protected sex is better than winding up pregnant or any of that other crap." Aeron and I recited the age old saying as if it was told to us every day.

"The two of you are getting creepily good at that." Casey commented absentmindedly. "Well see you later. And please remember that little speech."

I rolled my eyes and waved at my aunt, wanting to return to my German homework.

"I got one for you guys." Zayden said next to me, "Ignoring the little exchange, never have I ever been told where the condoms are by my parents or anyone else."

"Hey, Aeron, do you want to crack out some tequila and see what this big hubbub about alcohol is? Cause, if we finish dad's bottle, we might have drunk enough to have a cup every time Grandma, Grandpa, or Auntie said that to us."

"Then maybe afterwards we can put those condoms in the bathroom to good use."

"Ew! I don't wanna do that, you silly perv."

"Get 'nough alcohol in your system, you'll be singing a different tune." Aeron raised his eyebrows in a suggestive matter.

I cracked up and couldn't get a smart ass response out. I held up and finger, telling him to wait a second. Aeron soon started to crack up, more than likely knowing what I was going to say

"OK, you two freaks who share a brain, we're leaving. And don't you guys even dare try that alcohol and fucking crap." Abby said.

The moment I heard the cars pull out of my drive way and off a little ways, I turned on Aeron.

"You've felt someone up? Before i did? When, where, and who?"

"What happens during spring break will remain a secret to a certain nosey Camelyn."

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