It was skin upon skin, your mouth upon mine
We didn't seem to slow when feelings were exposed
It was just a blur, actions strewn together, no intimate meaning at all
So as I see the sweat descending from your brow
I realise; you, us, we never fell
It was a temporary fix and I thought I needed this
But baby, truth hurts and so do my lies
So I close my eyes, I can't, I won't see this happening
Behind my lids I picture anything, everything
Except the fragile wreckage we've caused
Stop, think, react
Do we really want this? Need this?
There's no reasoning to shadow it
You won't protect me or preserve me
You won't etch me into your thoughts
I guess we just just needed to feel contact
To allow our bodies to exist
Since there's no time to waste, more mistakes
Contact, contact me again