I am hurt

My mom thinks I hate her

My world is a blur

My mind in confusion

My heart shedding tears

I have come to a conclusion

It is as it appears

She is just worried

'Cause I am not near

I do not understand

Why she is acting this way

I am now a teenager

And I just have to say,

"I am just a teenager.

I make lots of mistakes.

I am sometimes forgetfull.

And my life of Give and Takes.

I truly am sorry

I didn't mean to hurt.

My mind trying to find happiness

My world is berserk.

I have a little trouble

Sometimes in my life

And when there is a Rumble

I need you by my side.

I want to say I love you

And forever will

I'll try to be better

And not forgetful

I'll try my hardest

To listen and obey

But even when I am farthest

Please don't dismay

I hope this poem

Helps us understand

That even though we're family

We need let off the strand

You have been a little unpleasant

And not fun to hang around

But when I do feel happy

Don't try to bring me down

I really want to have fun

And hang out with my friends

But when you get all upset

Then my fun ends

I then start to worry

If you will be alright

I don't know how you feel

'Cause you're out of my sight"

I really am hurt

That I made you feel bad

I hope you do get better

And stop being mad

I understand that I have hurt you

And the hurt goes around

'Cause when you are hurt

I am down

When one person is hurt

Everyone else feels it too

So this is how I say,

"I didn't mean to hurt you."