The water sparkled

Glistening in the light

Crystal rang throughout the cavern

I felt it...

The world around me was flat. It seemed like there was a multitude of rooms below me, below the water, but I could never get to them. They were hidden in the thin layer of water underneath my feet. Though, oddly enough, I couldn't feel the water. It was like I was walking on water. This expanse went on forever, without end. And it was always like this. I don't know where it is, or were it even started, but I felt calm here, at home. It was the weirdest thing. I've never felt like I've ever belonged. And here I am, this odd lake giving me the feeling of eternal peace. Even though I was only a small part of this world, I commanded it. Waves would form when I wanted them to. But, whatever I did, I couldn't get to the rooms below me.

The rooms below me showed people. Hundreds of people. Busy city streets. An office building. A house in the suburbs. A couple's first night alone. But most of the rooms was a simple hospital room. A sleeping girl lay on the bed. For most of the time I was here, I've seen her, just laying there. I don't know how much time has really passed, but plenty of people visit her. The nurses, once an hour. A woman, presumably her mother, a man, not old enough to be her father, but perhaps an older brother. A younger boy used to visit her, but he stopped. A teen, as well. An old lady. Once, an old man visited her, only to give her flowers. That was her father. He died several days later. I saw that, too.

I always wondered why this girl always showed up. I didn't know who she was, or were. But, one time, I heard calming music from her room. There wasn't a tape player, or stereo or anything that would give off music of any kind. Some time after that, I found a room under the water unlike any other I've seen. It was a room of crystal, and the metallic sounds came from there. Shards of crystal jutted out of the ground and walls, vibrating with sound. And for the first time, I've touched the water covering the room. I felt it washing over my toes. The water was freezing, but calming at the same time. As time passed, I explored the top of the room. And I eventually found an opening.

It was odd. I was just walking over the surface and my leg just slipped through. I was shocked at the sudden chill, but I quickly got used to it and slipped under the layer of water. The air was thick, as if I was trying to breath water. The air, if it could be called that, was freezing. My reflection and others was mirrored in the crystal shards. One of them reflected the girl. I walked up to it and brushed my palm against the side of her face. Warmth pulsed on the stone. I pushed against the rock, seeking the heat that I've so long been denied. My hand went through the stone, surprising me. I pushed some more, and I fell through the stone.

I felt myself again in a cool room. The room was stark white with various large instruments littering the floor. Right in front of me was a stiff bed. On the bed was the girl. I was shocked at the difference of seeing her close up and seeing her through water. Her skin was parched white, and her lips were a very pale red. Her hair was an unhealthy pale blonde and her frame was nearly skeletal. Her breathing was raspy. I gently touched a finger to her neck. Her pulse was barely there. This girl had laid on the edge of death for perhaps years. I brushed the side of her face and her eyes fluttered open. She stared dully at me with pale grey eyes. She was blind. She tried talking, but didn't succeed. She took a couple more breaths, licked her lips, and swallowed. Then she tried again.

"I seen you," she said softly. "In m' dreams." She coughed. "You a fairy. I dreamed that you'd come and heal me. You' did come to heal me, didn't you?" I nodded, feeling tears in my eyes. "Please. I wanna wake up. I wanna see, please? I don't wanna go to sleep again." I nodded again and brushed a hand over her eyes. I pressed my cold lips to her forehead and she fell asleep again. I felt a chill around me and I was pulled back to my crystal world.

Below me, I saw the room. The hospital room. I could hear it, as well, which I couldn't usually. The old lady and the man was visiting the girl. The nurse was in there as well, speaking. I wasn't listening to her, but instead carefully watching the girl. Her breathing was full, but none of the three in the room noticed. The girl suddenly opened her eyes. They were now colored to a rich blue. She glanced to the lady. Nobody saw her. She reached up and gently tugged on the lady's coat twice, muttering "Mom." The lady gave a massive gasp of surprise and put a hand to her heart. The man started hyperventilating. The nurse started exclaiming about medical miracles and ran out of the room. The man and lady started giving cries of joy. The girl quickly silenced them with a few words.

"Mom. Mom. It saved me. The fairy. It saved me."