Today I stare

At the wall

I want to close my eyes

And start to bawl

Writers Block

Has overtaken me

It stretches as far

As I can see

It wraps me in

It's wicked embrace

And smiles at me

With it's wicked face

I try to run

I try to hide

But nothing on this Earth

Will save my sorry hide

I feel a weight

Upon my soul

I knew my lack of writing

Would take it's toll

No pleas of sorry

No begs of mercy

Will protect a person

From it's tyrancy

I'm writing this now

While standing here

Frightened and cold

Shivering with fear

If only I could find

The one glowing gem

To save my behind

From one lousy sin

I traverse the place

Looking for escape

Then he finds me here;

Ties me up with tape

I struggle to get free

But there he stands

I growl at him

He merely grins

He starts to speak

With the biggest cliches of all

"Well, of course," I think

"The words of a writer's greatest fall."

Suddenly in my mind

Words spring to life

Blocking his speech

To protect me from strife

The words wrap around me

Breaking my bonds

As I spring to my feet

The world bursts out in song

I run away quick

Quick as a flash

My speed is like a fading arrow

Or hard-earned cash

I finally got away

My inner voice cheers

I finally manage a smile

Away from his leers

With words abound

And depression quite less

I set out for the gem

That started this mess

Finally I find it

At the end of this world

"It's about time!" I thought

"It's harder than what's told!"

I use the gem

To return back home

I get to stay in one place

No longer having to roam.

My muse finally came back

From his vacation in Hawai'i

Though I still don't remember

If he ever said sorry

Now he's strapped in a closet

Where he has nowhere to go

So when I'm down in the dumps

He's never a no-show

I think from this I learned

A lesson or two

That whenever you become depressed

It's your muse to sue!