I stand here in disguise

Watching the world go by with my own eyes

To see the lies and treachery that floats by

Filling their words of hatred and greed in the sky

And I wonder how people could let

These great deeds fly high

Without trying to stop them

As if they were blind to this torture and destruction

Which comes through from simple human destruction

Do these people really allow themselves

To be led blind by these cries

The cries of a hallowed machine ready

For the destruction of all that sparkles and gleams

In the human eye?

These ancient machines of the ancient old

That leads these humans through their lies untold

To render them asunder in its jaws of gold

To lead the greedy to their fate

To let the storm continue unabated

So the world continues its destruction, forsooth

So I have one question for you, my child:

Wherein lies the truth?