Perceiving, eyes alert

Twisting, turning

Wrapped in seven layers of pink unicorn and Care Bear heaven

Seeing things as none other has seen before

Eyes wide, absorbing

The information comes like a reality

Doors remain open once more

For the little ones, the children of the world

As they watch and wonder

From their protected palaces of fantasyland and princesses

They continue to watch

Eyes bright blue and watery

Six months and age and wisdom already on her face

All I can do is stare back into the future

Gazing aheard while she looks into my eyes

And stares into the past

It's where two worlds colllide

One rich with imature experience

The other born with eternal knowledge

Where the world seems to converge at one point

Those blue eyes

One cannot look away without taking some of that pigment for their own

As if one can pluck away that ancient wisdom

From the eyes of a babe.

I stare too long, her eyes narrow

Everything is suddenly submerged in tears

The spell is broken

Time moves on

The Mother Mary returns her child to her crib

Returning her to her world

As I return to mine

Two clear worlds

When they collide, it only creates.

I open my palm for that flash of blue life

As it will be, and rests within me

Forever more.