My first poem, so please be kind. For my best friend, Sarah, who is battling anorexia, and doesn't realise how much i care for her. x


This is for you, my best friend,

The one person who I can tell my soul too,

Who I can laugh with, share secrets with,

Who I love more than life itself,

And who I pray for, every day,

As she is there, waiting, in hospital.


And even though we are so far apart,

I feel her near me, every second of the day,

I know her thoughts more than I know mine,

I listen to the things she doesn't tell me,

And I try my hardest

To be the best friend that she already is.


I've made mistakes, I've said wrong things,

And when she has too, we've put that all aside,

And I wish for her, for us, whenever I leave her,

That we can still be best friends, after all the wrong doings we've been through.

I'm starting a new journey now, without her near me like she was before,

But I look back,

And remember,

That she is my best friend, and always will be,

And we'll fight this together,

And make it to the end,

Until the day we die, but even so,

I'll go to heaven and wait for her there, and a new journey will begin,

Her and me, best friends forever,

As destiny has written it.