10 Teen Romantic Comedy Cliches –

The New Girl Cliché – Girl moves to new town (generally a city girl to a small town/ girl who moves around a lot/girl's first move to another town) and meets a boy there, despite her better judgement.

The Bad Boyfriend Cliché – Girl has a really bad boyfriend who she doesn't want to breakup with. She meets a boy who tries to make her realize that she can do better. (Can incorporate with other clichés.)

The Spoiled girl Cliché – a Spoiled rich girl falls for the poor rebel/ intelligent loner at school, despite her friends and her better judgment.

The Shy girl Cliché – a girl who never really talks to anyone and hardly has any friends falls for the popular/normal guy at school.

The Weird girl Cliché – the freak at school falls for the popular guy. (Usually involves a bet.)

The New Boy Cliché – A new guy moves to town and sparks the curiosity of a normal, teenage girl which gets them to like eachother. The new guy is usually different from most people in the town.

General High school Dating Cliché – Two teens fall for eachother. Talks about the strifes that they go through while they are trying to make their relationship work. (You can change this one up any way that you want. You can combine it with other clichés as well.)

The Best friend Cliché – Long time best friends find that they actually like eachother more than that.

The Friend's Older Brother Cliché – A Girl falls for her friends older brother, which usually upsets her friend/ causes friend to play match maker.

The Butterfly Cliché – a normal girl who's done blending into the background, does something (joins a team/ changes her style…etc.) to spice up her life or to make a statement. In her doing this, she meets a boy who doubts her ability to do this, but is curious about her. (Called the Butterfly Cliché by me, for the metamorphasis type change. Can Combine with other clichés.)