Tonight on ET in a world exclusive interview, Reed Vance and his manager talk with Mary Hart for the first time about his recent absence from the music scene!

"[Reed] has been taking an extended break from touring and recording new albums," Charlie tells Mary. "At this point in time we feel it's probably in his best interest."

Reed Vance, world renown solo rock artist, has been capturing the hearts of young girls in their preteens since early 2000. His most famous songs have been chart toppers, notably Find Me a Tune, a 2002 single that won him a grammy for record of the year. The star has been experiencing vast profits, even with low priced albums and cheap concert tickets - so why would the nation's favorite rock star be taking a break?

The interview takes a rapid turn when Charlie stands up abruptly. "This is for Reed to tell you." says Charlie, who publicly revealed in June that he was leaving his wife in order to pursue a relationship with one of Vance's lawyers, Sarah Jensen, who was also married at the time and has since left her husband. "I am here because my job is to ensure that Reed doesn't make a fool of himself on national television. But, I feel sometimes that my job is impossible."

Our interviewer is as confused as the rest of our viewers, wondering how an interview about an absence from the touring scene is suddenly growing so dramatic. "What is it that Reed Vance needs to tell us?"

Reed's manager stalks off of set, leaving Mary alone with the famous rock star. "I am leaving the music scene because of my wife." Vance states, "She needs me now, and I want to be there for her. Unfortunately, Charlie is upset that he will not be working very often while I am absent."

Andrea Evans's sudden and unexplained appearance in Vance's life several years ago was a prime focus all over the media. A lawyer in Los Angeles, not many could explain her sudden pairing with Vance. Their relationship was not made public until Evans and Vance confirmed rumors mere days before the scandal between Reed's lawyer and manager became public as well.

The proposal was extensively exploited by the paparazzi to the disappointment of Evans and Vance, who issued a statement expressing their frustration with their lack of privacy due to celebrity status. Regardless, photos were leaked online and viewed by millions. Not many however, could understand why a millionaire rock star would choose to propose to his long time girlfriend in a low key night club in Los Angeles. The couple did not reveal any details, perhaps in response to the lack of consideration for their privacy when the proposal was so publicized.

The wedding was private and took place in late summer with only close friends and family attending. Andrea's dress was personally designed by Vera Wang, and photos leaked online proved the bride to look stunning.

"We're expecting a child," Vance continues, smiling, "It's a big step for both of us, as neither of us even expected that we might one day be married, let alone expecting a child."

Reed's honesty is a surprise for most of the audience. The couple's six year old relationship was so greatly speculated by the media that most believed it to be the picture of a solid relationship.

"Don't get me wrong," says Reed, "I love her more than anyone else in the world, and by some miracle she loves me too," He cannot finish his sentence however, as the audience bursts into coos of appreciation for Reed's romantic statement.

"So why is the wife and soon to be mother of your child not attending this interview tonight?" questions Mary, to which Reed replies with an expectant smile.

"Andrea is without a doubt at home watching this and devising a plot to murder me." laughs Reed, "We prefer to keep our privacy. However, this a move for my career,"

"And the fans deserve to know." Mary finishes his sentence, laughing. "So when is this child due?"

"September," Says Reed, "We're going to have a baby girl."

After this, the interview veers back to the regular course, speculating Reed's future as a musician. The musician stated that he would definitely be returning to the music scene as soon as he was certain that his wife and new daughter were okay with his absence, or prepared to accompany him.

"Touring was never an issue for me before," Claims Reed, "It was not until I had someone I could not stop thinking about waiting for me back at home, that I realized touring was one of the most dreadful things in the world."

As for the possibility of a new album, Reed states that his fans are going to have to sit tight, "And I'm going to have to hope that in two years people can still stand my voice."

As the interview concludes, Mary only has one question left for Reed, "So when did Reed Vance stop being the womanizer we heard so often of?"

Reed laughs at this, and turns directly to look at the camera. "There's a certain red head watching as we speak, and she is the only one that can answer that question for you."


Andrea Evans sat at home, grinning. One hand gently caressed her stomach, which was only barely beginning to show signs of enlargement. Reed Vance was staring through the television screen at her. She held the same breathtaking stare that she had been in love with for six years.

"You're going to love your poppa as much I do, baby girl."






Author's Note: Weird epilogue. I don't know if I like it. Anyway, this story is finally complete! Check out Opposite Ends of The Spectrum if you want, which I will be updating weekly starting next week!