If you could still hear me,

this is what I would say to you:

I'm sorry, so sorry

If it weren't for me you would still

Be here. If it weren't for me

You would still be kicking

In my arms.

I love you so much, I still do.

I think of you in

The silence of my mind,

My heart aches

When I remember you

And I cower in pain

To know that I was

The cause of your death.

If you could still hear me,

I would want you to hear

My silent tears, splashing,

Crashing, onto nonexistent floorboards.

I would want you to know

That even though I don't

Show it, I cry over your death.

I care not for your brother, just


When I think of old times, I see you

Always watching me.

That funny way you would walk

Made me laugh all the more and

I wish I could have you back,

But I left you out there to be

Mangled by the jaws of a vicious


I left you out there when there were a

Million other things

I could have done different.

I'm so sorry.

If you could still hear me,

I would be telling you the day I

First met you

And how I came up with your name.

How I picked you up and my hand

Slid to one of your long feet, my fingers

Gripping your small toes, and I said,

"They feel just like velvet. I'm going to call you


You don't know how many times

I cursed myself, for letting something

Like this happen.

When I saw you, your once beautiful

Coat, dusty and gray.

Your lively eyes, empty of life,

And your body lying stiff and cold.

I had your brother in my arms, his blood

Staining my arm,

But my heart sank to see you;


If you could still hear me,

I would be saying

I don't hate the dog that killed you

I don't blame you for not screaming.

I do regret doing what I did, and I do

Want you to know that if anything,

I blame myself completely.


Hate me, if you can comprehend

The feeling.

Haunt my days forever, if you desire

It. Reincarnate and let me love


Again, if it is possible.

Most of all, I wish that day had

Never happened and that you

Hadn't left me with the worst

Post-birthday present

In the history of time. I

Still love you,


And I wish I had told you so

Before you died.

Still, if you could hear me now

You'd probably just turn an ear

And continue with your nap.

Author's Note: This poem is dedicated to my dear, departed rabbit Velvetfoot. Thus, my penname. Anyway, he died in July, but I could never get over myself to think about it until a few days ago. Anyway, review please and I'll review you.