The serpent tongue dances in a pretty mouth, whispered syllables weaving myriad lies in a tainted tapestry. A vicious god summons me in a toxic embrace, caustic venom permeating every pore of my skin. He burns like an angel, white-hot and brilliant, and I am on the verge of losing myself to the blaze. My rising star, falling angel, corrupting me with every beat of our hearts.

We both know there is no escape, no point in playing that vain game. I was designed to fit against him, to slip into his glory without being consumed. The plain mortal, unremarkable in every way but one: I belong to him. The monster lurking in the shadows, a faceless voice laughing in the background of my darkest dreams. But now I see that face, burnt into my mind even through closed eyes; now I know how Semele must have felt upon the realization of her foolish request.

I play the part of prelapsarian Eve, eying the fruit with a mixture of desire and revulsion, but which is in higher concentration? I must fall, must plunge from the Eden that is transient mortality. An eternal descent with nothing the break the fall; there is no need to catch one who will not hit the ground. Immortalize my face in the heavens, for that is where my soul will never dare to reach.

A/N: The first in a series of dream-based one-shots.