I watch my raven, and dream of Poe; waiting for her to say that word. Amber eyes hold me in thrall, and I thrash to escape the siren's call. No beeswax, no ropes to bind me away; I succumb to my mistress's demand. Nightmare child, on Eumenides Hunt. I'll pay for this trespass.

A lightning strike from ebon night rends the maid in two: a part for me, and some for dark memories. Nevermore, no more! She cries, but the storm prevails. Against the floor great black wings beat: the rhythm in my head. Raven return to kind earth's hold; you'll have no mercy from me. The haunting bird flew through my dreams, and left no choice but one. Fulfill fate; finish the story and let deep sleep return. Exorcise the demons, by becoming one.

A/N: A very short, nightmare-inspired piece. More prose-poem than short story, but it fits too well in this set for me to care!