1Spirits soar

Souls wander

The body they belong to

Lying bloody on the floor

Beaten and battered like an orange

That has been used as a baseball

The bat swings

Bones crack

For no more reason than a damaged ego

Life bleeds out through mortal wounds

Yet they all pass by

Not an eye has seen the man who lay

In a pool of precious ruby

Not an ear has heard

The screams of terror in the night

They all pass by, blind, deaf, mute

Unable to see, lest they find themselves in trouble

They'll find themselves in trouble

Because they tried to do the right thing

Or maybe they didn't see

Maybe they were too busy

Reliving last night's football game

Like the Romans, enjoying a particularly

Bloody match at the Colisseum

The one created to take their minds

And make them ignorant

To take their minds

And corrode them

And deceive them

And mold them

While that man unknown

continues to feel his life slip away