i wished you would have waited
centuries more to pour
your words
i swim in your grief text,
learning by heart
the sorrow that collaborates
with your soul

did you not have tragedies
sitting in the veins of your
or did you learn that pain
and love are not separable
before you learnt the name
of death as he pounded on
your door?

i still see kashmir burning.
who is the enemy? i cannot remember
they have doors marked with silence
and people have forgotten the
lying between the walls of the himalayas

this saffron in my hands
has forgotten its place, the houses
behind which laughter hides and
the tissue paper sky bleeds
as the sun goes down, there is
a pond of questions hovering

the voice in my throat has
run dry, there is no energy
to sing out.
i am lost

and my country calls
her freedom
while a part of her fights
the cancer of people
who have forgotten to forgive
and let go.