( old habits die hard )

shadow your eyes in an unraveling stream
of (twi)light, volcano's of white ribbon words cracked
on the landscape of your china doll lips.

the smooth smoke of your skin rinses on my rough
fingertips, laced blue doves shattered in dancing tattoos
of blind beauty on the strips of your spider-web veins.

a polaroid of pictures stretch across the slopes of your
brushed b(l)ack memories, a chance of forever grilled in an
eternity of change, your mouth relapsing back into pseudonyms
and drunken excitement.


(honey) this mirage of washed summer happiness is fading
with the trickles of your digital pixilized innocence, your smile
tangled up into want and leaking sarcasm.

"i'll do anything to find myself—" you told me, eyes loose in
a tangle of mistrust, "and truth be told--you're just another