It's Okay

Sits off in a dark corner of reality
And stares into a wall that's blank
Rejected by the whole of society
And has only herself to thank.

But it's okay, she declares
It's fine to be so bitter and cold
It's okay—she no longer cares
Silence and heartache never grow old.

Friends she had were pushed away
Because of this need to hate
All alone she'll always stay…
Anger causes such a bitter taste.

Harder is the venom's sting
When it hits a wounded nerve.
Pain is what the feelings bring
When you get what you deserve.

The tears that well within her eyes—
They're always there.
The sobs she suppresses, all the cries—
No one ever knows she cares.

But don't you know that it's okay?
It's fine to make her sad.
She tells herself this every day:
It's okay to feel this bad…