The Demon Gabriel

Angels… Demons… Is there truly a being that could be all good or all bad? Is there even such a thing as good or bad? If someone tries to help, but ends up making it worse is that bad? Can one thing be bad if it goes to a good cause? If a man steals for the welfare of his family is that bad? Over the years the lines of good and bad have been blurred; even in the case of angels and demons. Yes, angels and demons exist, but it's not the same as you think.

Angels don't belong to God; angel is just a title for those humans who were born with healing powers. The first angel ever recorded in history was Jesus Christ and he performed great things for people and never belittled anyone. The angels nowadays are stuck-up, they think they're better than anyone else because of their powers.

Demons don't worship the Devil; they're like angels except their powers depend on what type of demon they are. There are millions of types of demons, some that don't have much power and some with too much power. All demons can possess a human or animal though, they used to do that a lot but now they don't do it very often and it's not normally all that bad.

Angels and demons also don't look like what everyone says; angels don't have halos and wings. Demons aren't creatures; some do have horns and tails though, but mortals can't see them. Angels and demons just look like humans for the most part.

Normally you would find an angel in a hospital, nursing home, or orphanage, helping the less fortunate. Demons are found anywhere and everywhere and they're not always causing mayhem.

How do I know all of this? Well I'm a demon; I consider myself deformed really, I have horns and a tail, but no powers. Also even humans can see my horns and tail so it makes it hard for me to go out in public. Angels and demons alike make fun of me; I might as well have been human.

My family has even disowned me; my father is a demon and my mother a human. My mother can't see what my father really looks like but when she saw me she put me in an orphanage. I was never even brought out on the days people came to adopt; they hid me because in mortal eyes I'm a freak.

So when I turned five I ran away from the orphanage, no one came after me because no one knew I existed except for those who saw me. That was the beginning of my life on the streets, only daring to show my face at night.

14 years later, still on the streets, not a friend in the world except an alley cat, well kitten really. You'd think after all these years I would've been discovered, but even though I go out at night I cover my horns with a hat and my tail is covered partly by a large jacket then is stuck down the back of my pants. My shoulder spikes are a bit harder to conceal so I just try and make it look like I have broad shoulders.

19 years old, alone, and never have been loved by another, but for some reason animals love me. Some demon right? Can't even scare a kitten, pathetic.

The thing that really has angels and demons laughing is I'm religious, a Christian to be more specific. I visit the churches on Sundays, near evening time when it starts getting dark. The priest at the church I go to knows me quite well, especially since I've been coming here since I was 14.

He asked for my name and I couldn't give him it, I didn't have one. So he named me; Gabriel, after an angel, if only he knew how ironic that was. His name is Father John and he looks after me, but he still doesn't know that I'm a demon.

Whatever I find in dumpsters is food, sometimes people drop money in my lap and I'm able to get fresh food, which to me is a delicacy. I hate this life but I'm too scared to kill myself, what if God doesn't want a demon? I'll never be good enough for anyone, I wasn't good enough for my parents, the orphanage, and I bet if Father John saw me for what I really am he would try and kill me himself.

In this world I'm nothing but a joke to demons and angels, a freak to humans, and a homeless man to everyone else. If God had a humane bone in his body he would end my torture and just snuff me out.

Death… what lies beyond this life for me? Can I even die? Am I doomed to live here forever? Never to be any more than a deformed thing that nobody wants…

Everyday I watch humans, try and see what they see, feel what they feel. There's this particular guy I've been watching, has the most dedicated and loving girlfriend. I wish I could say the same about his dedication. Each night I overhear him talking to other girls on the phone telling him he loves them, and when I follow him it's a different girl's house every night. I can't believe this boy can be like that, I would do anything to be loved by that one girl.

I have also followed the girl on a few occasions, all she does is brag about this guy and sit around her room pining for him when he doesn't call. I know exactly why he doesn't call… if I could win her affection I would be the happiest man in the world. Alas I am a freak and she a beautiful woman; girls like her don't want anything to do with a loser like me. What do I have to offer her? A patch of sidewalk and some leftover pudding in the trash? How romantic.

Sometimes I'll sit outside her window and watch her for hours, listening to the music she listens to, watching the same movie she's watching, and sometimes daydreaming of cuddling with her.

Last night I heard her name as her mom called her down for dinner. Miranda, amazing isn't it? That one word has been on my lips since. I told Father John all about her and her horrible boyfriend playing as the friend's friend.

I was on my way to her house again when she came running down the street, her long hair flaring out behind her and her hands covering her face. Barreling right into me I fell to the ground hard but at least I softened her fall. Getting up she kept running without saying a word and I felt invisible again. Somebody could run me over and not even notice.

Sighing I stood up adjusting my hat and patting the dirt from my jeans and that's when I saw the purse. Picking it up I opened it and moved around the makeup to find a school I.D. card that showed a picture of Miranda. I looked the way she ran and saw her turning into an alley about a quarter of a mile away

Sprinting I trailed after her hoping to catch up so I could return her purse. Right before I got to the alley I heard a scream and knew at once Miranda was in trouble.

Turning the corner I saw her surrounded by three men, one had her pinned against the wall and the other two held weapons, one a crowbar the other a bat.

"Hey there pretty lady," the one who had her pinned grinned showing off yellow teeth, "Wanna have a good time?" He bent closer about to kiss her.

I ran in wildly kicking the legs out from under the man with the crowbar. The other two men looked at me in surprise and I glared at them fiercely.

"Look boys, fresh meat," the yellow tooth man smiled and looked at the guy with the bat, "Take care of him will ya?"

"Would be my pleasure boss," he swung at me and I ducked just in time. The idiot almost smashed the bat into the leader's head. Miranda immediately closed her eyes and balled herself up as the bat narrowly missed her.

"What's wrong with you?!" the leader screamed.

"Sorry boss," and then I saw an evil grin spread over the leader's face.

Something hit my head hard and I was dazed for a moment. Shaking my head I turned around and saw the man with the crowbar rubbing the palms of his hands.

"What the hell your brains should be on the sidewalk," he said and I smiled then I watched as my hat fell in front of my face and the man's eye went wide. "F-freak!" Pulling out my tail I bared my fangs at each one in turn.

"It's the devil!" the leader yelled and sprinted down the alley. I laughed; for once my deformity helped me.

Quickly I put my hat back on and put my tail in my pants. Walking over to Miranda I kneeled down beside her, "Its alright they're gone." She peeked up at me then glanced around.

Throwing her arms around me she hugged me, "Thank you so much!" Suddenly embarrassed she let me go and blushed a bright red.

"Yeah it was no problem I was just trying to return your purse, you dropped it when you ran into me," I handed her the purse a bit lightheaded from the hug.

"Oh, yeah, sorry about that," she said looking very sad.

"Would it be alright if I asked you what happened?" I asked holding out my hand to help her up.

Looking at the offer she smiled slightly and took my hand, "Yeah I guess it would be alright to say, half my school already knows, actually has known for awhile. But could I get your name first?"

"Yeah, my name is Gabriel," I replied as we walked out of the alley.

"What a handsome name, it fits you quite well," she said glancing at me, "My name is Miranda."

"Prettiest name I've ever heard for the prettiest face I've ever seen," I smiled and she giggled a little at the compliment, "So Miranda what happened to make you so sad?"

"Well I just found out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me with almost every girl in the county," she said adjusting her glasses as a tear traveled down her cheek.

"Wow what an idiot," she looked at me confused, "Well I mean you're beautiful why would any guy want to do that to you. I mean if you were my girl I would practically worship the ground you walked on." she raised her eyebrows and I realized I said a little too much, "B-but you wouldn't like me anyhow, probably not your type." Looking away she stopped and glanced at her house.

"You hungry?" she asked giving me a half smile.

"I couldn't impose on you," I grinned impishly.

"I insist, it's the least I can do for you," she said walking up her steps, "I make a mean grilled cheese."

I looked at her confused, "Why would someone ever want to grill cheese?" She stared at me as if she didn't know what to make of what I just said. Then she busted out laughing and laughed so hard that tears came to her eyes. I was at a lost, "What's so funny?"

"You've never had grilled cheese?" she wiped away the tears.

"No," I replied a bit embarrassed.

"Well you'll love it, c'mon, I wont take no for an answer," she smiled opening her front door. Sighing I followed her inside and breathed in the warm air.

Her house was nice, homely, everything I've dreamed of; no, even more so. She led me into the kitchen and I followed looking in every direction at once. The largest room we walked through had a couch, chair, T.V., and a fireplace crackling warmth all through the house. The kitchen had cupboards all over the place, a fridge, a sink full of dishes, everything you'd expect.

"Well you can sit at the table if you like I shouldn't be long," she smiled then turned away to dig through the fridge.

I daydreamed of living in a place like this with Miranda at my side, a place I could call home and a love I would declare as mine. Alas that is why they are called daydreams, they are only dreams; wishes that fall on the deaf ears of destiny and my destiny lies in the streets.

A sudden gasp snapped me out of my thoughts and I saw Miranda falling back. Without even thinking I jumped out of my chair and across the room as she still fell almost in slow motion. Stretching out my arms I caught her before she hit the floor and she looked up at me wide-eyed.

"H-how did you do that?" she stuttered.

"Do what?" once again I was at a loss.

"You moved across the room so fast you were almost a blur," she said slowly standing up and staring at me still.

"Uh… I don't know, I just reacted," then I realized that she wasn't looking into my eyes but at my head and I reached up to feel. Looking behind me I saw my hat on the table, it must've fallen off when I jumped over here.

"W-…What are you?" she whispered shakily. She looked over at the door then back at me and sprinted out of the kitchen. I grabbed my hat and ran after her.

"Miranda! No! Please listen to me!" I yelled after her. She thundered upstairs and I heard doors opening.

"Miranda, dear, are you ok?" I heard a soft voice upstairs ask as a door slammed.

Quickly I ran out the front door before her mom could see me, back on the streets like I was no more than 20 minutes ago. I didn't stop walking until I reached a church I've never been to before. Walking down the isle I got on my knees before the large cross and prayed.

"God I come to you not as a demon, nor do I come to you as a man, I come to as a simple traveler whose path is so worn and torn I feel as if it's not worth it to keep walking. Why am I walking such a hard trail?" I began to cry, "Is there no hope for me God? Do you not care for someone as lowly as me?"

"God loves all of his creations my son," I jumped as a hand fell on my shoulder, "Sorry, did I startle you?"

"N-no, Father I'm fine," I breathed deeply.

"God has not forgotten you," he smiled, "Your path is only hard because he has big plans for you. Jesus, our savior, had the toughest road to walk, yet he did not falter; neither should you my son."

"Thank you Father," I bowed my head and his smile widened as I stood.

"You are an angel my dear boy," he said and I almost laughed.

"Far from it Father," I replied.

"What is your name?" he asked.

"Gabriel," I answered.

"Ah yes you look a lot like Gabriel," he pointed to a stained glass window on the right and I walked closer to get a better look.

White blonde hair flowed around his head, he had a strong lean body, a lot like me accept for his eyes. My eyes are gold almost yellow and his eyes were a bright blue.

"Angels are our guardians," he smiled looking deep into my eyes, "To meet an angel is considered quite a holy sign indeed, and I do consider myself quite blessed for this opportunity."

"Father I don't mean to discredit you but I am no angel," I said shaking my head.

"My boy if there ever was an angel out there it would have to be you," he smiled, "Whoever you were sent to watch over is quite a lucky person." With that he left to the back of the church.

Ambling out of the doors I looked at the stars in the sky and began walking. I didn't stop until I was about two miles away from the church. Lying down next to a dumpster I kept watching those stars until I fell into a deep sleep.