I woke late in the next day and stretched, it was already dark out so I started sifting through the dumpster I was sleeping against and found a couple things I could eat then decided to walk around for a few

I woke late in the next day and stretched, it was already dark out so I started sifting through the dumpster I was sleeping against and found a couple things I could eat then decided to walk around for a few. All my hopes with Miranda were dashed because I'm a freak that nobody wants.

After an hour of walking in no apparent direction I realized I was outside Miranda's house and immediately turned around and moved as quickly as I could down the street. Being so close to her again made me think about how I was able to move so fast across the room to catch her before she fell. Do I finally have my powers now? No normal person could move that fast.

I sat down in the alley I saved Miranda in and pulled my knees to my chest. I don't know how long I sat there or if I fell asleep but I jumped at a sudden noise at the end of the alley and realized it was just the kitten that normally follows me around.

"Hey there Damien," it mewed as I called its name. I clicked my tongue a couple of times and it trotted up to me purring before I even pet it.

"So he's yours?" I jumped a second time, "He was outside my door earlier today so I brought him in and fed him and he was alright until about an hour ago." Miranda walked to where I could see her and I couldn't breathe. She smiled as the cat rubbed up against me, "He mewed and started pawing at the window. When I looked out the window I saw somebody walking down the street.

"I didn't think anything of it for a while but the cat kept pawing the window and mewing loudly so I decided to take it outside and follow it," she knelt down and scratched Damien's head, "I'm sorry about last night, I was brought up to not judge a book by its cover. For all I know your horns could be some deformity from birth."

I looked at her wide-eyed, was this really happening? "Well that's how I look at it."

"Can I see it again?" she asked. I looked around a bit nervously, "Oh yeah might be a bad idea to do it out here. Well as far as I remember I still owe you a grilled cheese."

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Of course, c'mon," she held out her hand and I grabbed it pulling myself up.

I grabbed Damien and smiled big, before I knew it we were at her house. We went straight into the kitchen where she began cooking and I put Damien on the floor so he could stretch out.

The grilled cheeses were done in no time and they were hot, crunchy, and they melted in your mouth. It was the most delicious thing I ever had; much better than the trash I eat daily. Halfway through my third sandwich I heard footsteps and a woman walked into the kitchen. By the look on her face she was really surprised to see me.

"I didn't know we had company," she said looking at Miranda.

"Sorry mom he's a friend of mine and I ran into him when I took the kitten on a walk," Miranda scratched between Damien's ears, "Apparently the little fellow is his cat."

"Sorry if I'm intruding, I'll leave if you want," I said a bit embarrassed.

"No dear its fine I was just a bit surprised," she said smiling then turned to Miranda, "Your father is sleeping so don't make too much noise and don't keep him here too long."

"Yes mom," Miranda rolled her eyes as soon as her mom turned her back.

Her mom left and I finished my fourth sandwich then Miranda led me up to her room with Damien tailing close behind. She locked the door and put on some music then jumped on her bed. I sat down at the end of the bed and picked up Damien to pet while we talked.

"So can I see the horns again?" she asked, she was like an awe inspired child. I laughed a little then took off my hat and her eyes went wide. She reached up as if to touch them stopped herself, "Does it hurt?"

"Naw, see'" I said pulling my horn moving my head around. She touched it, from the base to the tip poking her finger on the end and drawing a small trickle of blood. Immediately she put the finger in her mouth and turned a bit red. "Are you OK?" she nodded, "Can I see it?"

She held out her hand and I grabbed it, holding it ever so gently in mine. A small bead of blood came out as I inspected it.

"Sometimes I see mothers do this to their children and it seems to work," I said then I put the finger to my lips and kissed it. She blushed a bright red and I realized I might've done something not socially acceptable. Suddenly her eyebrows raised and she wiped the blood off the finger then got a closer look at it.

"It doesn't hurt anymore," she said as she rubbed it, "Wait… it's completely healed, like it was never there." She looked up at me, "What are you?"

"Are you sure you want to know?" I asked and she nodded, "You're gonna want to run away from me."

"You have not yet showed me that you are something that I should worry about," she replied, "I mean you've saved me twice, you're more of a protector."

I sighed heavily then took out my tail and then shed off my jacket. Damien began to play with my tail while Miranda went silent, just staring at my new appearance. She didn't shiver with fear, she didn't gasp in horror, she didn't look at me in disgust, she looked at me in pure interest and curiosity.

Minutes passed and all she did was stare, "How?" it was all she said.

"Well for me to answer that you have to have a really open mind," I replied.

She gave me a funny look, "After all I've seen tonight I'm pretty sure my mind is quite open." I laughed at the obvious sense then went on to explain angels and demons.

The whole time she sat listening intently not once laughing in my face or telling me I was lying. When I finished she sat for a long time in deep thought.

"So you're a demon?" I nodded, "But you don't have powers that you know of and you can be seen by humans?" I nodded again, then she went silent for awhile longer. "I don't think you're a demon," she said simply as if it was a known fact.

I laughed and she looked at me a bit hurt making me bite my tongue quickly. "I'm sorry it's just I'm clearly a demon."

"Well looks can be deceiving," she smiled and I couldn't help but think of the Father at that church.

"A priest told me that I reminded him of Gabriel the angel," I said and her smile grew, "He was the Father at the church down the street." Her smile faded and her brows furrowed, "What's wrong?"

"Well… if I'm thinking of the same church as you," she thought for another moment, "That church doesn't have a priest."

"B-but I knew I met with a man dressed in a priest's outfit and he talked of God," I said unbelieving.

"That church is historic there are no priests in it," she replied then just shook her head, "So this priest said you are an angel?"

"Yeah and whoever I came here to protect is a lucky person," I laid back on her bed and stretched out.

"Miranda!" her mom called through the shut door, "Time for your friend to go home!"

"OK mom!" she then looked at me, "Gotta love the timing people have."

"Yeah, really," I sighed and got up.

She walked me to her door, "Tomorrow is Saturday so I don't have to go to school and none of my friends invited me out so I'll pretty much be home all day if you want to come and hang out," she said standing in her doorway.

"Yeah sounds great, what time should I come over?" I asked ecstatic that she wanted me back over.

"Any time you wake up is fine," she then pecked my cheek and started to shut the door, "Goodnight Gabriel, your secret is safe with me."

I stayed at the doorstep for a full minute after she shut it completely dumbfounded. Picking up Damien I started twirling down the street with the poor kitten holding on for dear life. She wanted me back tomorrow! She wants to hang out with me! She kissed my cheek! My heart was pounding, my head was light, and I felt like I wouldn't sleep for days.

I sat down in the same alley I first talked to Miranda in and I was so jittery I couldn't sleep. Propped up against a dumpster I reran everything that happened through my head over and over. Some time after the sun rose I got up and stretched, I didn't get a wink of sleep.

I practically sprinted over to Miranda's and knocked on the door excitedly. She answered the door almost immediately and I raised my eyebrows.

"What? I saw you coming through my window," she said as if knowing why I looked at her funny, "Wow Gabriel you look as if you hadn't slept."

"Ummm…" I just shrugged and she laughed.

"Come in, mom just made pancakes and I'm sure you're hungry," and then Damien mewed, "And I'll get you a bowl of cream Damien." She picked the kitten up and scratched its chin as she walked off to the kitchen with me close behind.

"Ah, hello Gabriel," her mom greeted me smiling, "Miranda has told me so much about you this morning."

"Mom!" she said loudly.

"What? I'm just stating the truth," she then turned to me and whispered loudly, "She's been awake since seven, she never gets up that early on her own." I laughed harder than I've ever laughed as Miranda got frustrated with her mom.

Stacking about a dozen pancakes on my plate and drowning them in syrup I dug into the delicious and hot breakfast, stuffing whole pancakes in my mouth at a time.

"Good?" Miranda asked.

"Mrrnhrrn," I replied incoherently through about two pancakes and she just shook her head smiling.

"Well I'm off Miranda," her mom popped in and then looked at my plate, "At least someone appreciates my cooking." I heard a door shut as she left the room and looked at Miranda curiously.

"She has work and dad left earlier," she said working slowly through her small stack of pancakes.

All alone with Miranda… I felt giddy again and had to contain myself. Suddenly something started ringing and she pulled out a small rectangular thing I had seen a lot of people talk on. Her face fell and she let it ring and it stopped but before I could even say anything it rang again.

This time she opened it, "Hello…? Joey I don't want to hear your excuses… I don't care…" she looked very distressed so I grabbed the rectangular thing.

"Sorry Miranda's busy right now and she doesn't feel like talking to you, bye," not knowing what to do I shut it and gave it back to her.

She looked at me a bit surprised then smiled, "Thanks Gabriel." I love it when she says my name, "So what do you want to do today?"

I was a bit thrown off by the question, "I dunno… what do you normally do on a Saturday?"

"Well I would go out with a few friends somewhere. The mall, movies, whatever," she answered as I finished my last pancake.

"Hmmm… its up to you, I don't mind as long as I get to be with you," she blushed in response.

"Well what do you do for fun?"

"Heh, I don't think I've ever had fun," I replied while sticking my finger in the remaining syrup.

"Hmm…" she seemed lost in thought for a few, "Well I think you're due for a new wardrobe." I looked over my plate, syrup covering my nose from licking it up.

"I don't have any money," I said wrinkling my nose feeling the sticky stuff at the end.

"Don't worry about it," Damien jumped from her arms landing on the table and began licking the tip of my nose while I laughed.

"I can't have you spending your money on me," I said still smiling as I picked the kitten from the table.

"Its no problem really, I want to get you clothes."

I sighed, "Fine not like I can really argue for getting some new clothes."

"Great! But I do have one condition," she said holding one finger out to emphasize it, "I get to pick the clothes out for you."

Raising an eyebrow I smirked, "You make that sound like it's a big deal."

"To most guys it is."

"Well if you haven't noticed I'm not like most guys," I leaned back more and Damien curled up in my lap, "Not like I would know what to look for anyways."

"Then its settled," she hopped up happily, "We'll get you some nice new clothes and you can take a shower here then change into them."

Dragging me out the door I began to feel really self-conscious. Its daylight out, what if someone notices me? There is no protecting veil of darkness out here. Looking back at her house I saw Damien staring at me through the window. From what Miranda said normally stores didn't allow cats in them.

We walked for what felt like an hour in silence until we finally reached a large three story mall. Walking in I felt very small, I had never been in a place like this before.

"You like it?" she asked smiling as I looked in every direction at once.

"Its amazing," I could smell delicious food wafting from a little place with a counter next to a shop with a bunch of different colored balls in the window.

Pulling me along I began to wish I had eyes all over my head, all the colors, the smells, it was exciting. Suddenly we stopped in front of a dark shop that had a door shaped like part of a circle. The sign above it read Hot Topic.

"What's this?" I asked seeing a heavily pierced person walk by wearing clothes that had spikes ad chains with large boots.

"I love the clothes from here and I think you would look awesome in the stuff here," she replied smiling as she pushed me through the door.

The first rack we went to was full of the spiked, chain pants. There was a lot of black ones with different color stitching and there was also some lime green ones, a few red ones, and even a couple of white ones.

She pulled out a black one with red stitching and held it to my waist, "Hmm, medium seems to be a little small…" she pulled out the same pants but a bit bigger, "Large seems good just a bit baggy…"

"I don't mind baggy, its better than feeling like I can't move," I said as I grabbed the pants. I was about to keep moving but she delved right back into the rack of pants.

"Maybe a pair of the red ones would be good too…" she held out a pair of red ones with black stitching and I smiled as I grabbed them, "You also need some shorts…"

"No, Miranda," I sighed and whispered, "If I wear shorts I can't hide my tail."

Oh, right, duh," she put the shorts back and grabbed another pair of black pants with blue stitching, "Here." She handed them to me and went once more into the rack pulling out another pair of black ones with green stitching, "There, that should do for the pants."

I followed her to the many little t-shirt places around the store as she threw random shirts onto the pants. Eventually we came to a rack of jackets and she searched through it. My eyes fell on a jacket with all different shades of green splotches on it.

"I like this," she looked up and smiled.

"Hmm, camo probably would look nice on you," and I draped it over my arm.

Then she was looking at the kind of boots I saw the person earlier wearing. Picking out a pair that looked as if they could crush a person skull she went on to a place with a bunch of long gloves. Soon enough she picked a black pair with small chains hanging off of them.

The load was beginning to feel heavy when she directed me to the hat section; almost as soon as we got there I pointed one out.

"That one right there," I said and she picked it up smiling, it was black and the front of it was shallow and folded over the rim of the hat while the back part was much more larger.

I carried the load to the counter and the cashier eyed me making me feel self-conscious again.

"That'll be four hundred and fourteen dollars and eighty eight cents," the cashier said and I gasped.

"There's no way I'm going to let you pay all of that," I whispered frantically to Miranda. I didn't no much about money but I knew enough that that much money could buy me over 400 burgers from McDonalds.

"Don't worry I have more than enough to cover it," with that said she handed a square plastic thing to the cashier