New York City

there is no midnight in this town.

"growing-up is giving-up"

the sickness
the numbness
they fade
but memories
will always

E Line
the photographers reviewing their prints
the young woman cleaning her nails with her metro card
the German couple dressed in black
the aging foreign woman and her son
the hiphop rapper in his designer clothes
the woman with a novel and a flower bouquet
three college girls with identical hats
so many people with places to go

we spend our entire lives
trying to be what we're not -
adults as children
and children as adults

horse-drawn carriages
mom-and-pop shops
80-story buildings
that tower over top
famous faces
historic places
taxis, limos, subway cars
city lights instead of stars

girl on the side
figuring out
how to play the game
too shy to make a move
afraid of laughter, mockery
and fame

breakfast bars, M&Ms, and SlimJims
constituting a major part of my diet

TMK 12/15/17march2006