thank you for:

your lack of conscience

subjecting me to your forceful personality

appealing to and manipulating my emotions

taking more than your fair share of everything

occupying my mind and my time

distracting me from what I want in life

restricting my capacity for expression

expecting contentment through secrecy

causing dissonance with my reputable facade

being too easily forgiven

never giving me a moment's rest

telling me what I want to hear

taking advantage of my weaknesses

celebrating my compliant nature

wholly encouraging deviation from my ethics

judging others when I chose not to

betraying my trust at least once

never giving me a good enough explanation

making me feel obligated by your actions

getting me to cry uncontrollably

leaving me with more reasons to be depressed

pursuing this more fervently for every doubt I had

ignoring every fear I expressed

flooring it as soon as I eased up on the brakes

convincing me that I had control

doing everything for your own benefit

putting me in stressful situations

showing me how not to live my life.

TMK 2may2006