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San Fransisco

"Honey, are you sure about this?" Danielle Matthews asked her son for the n-th time this morning, turning in her seat to search his eyes as she parked the car two blocks away from the tall cathedral-like building that was his new school.

"Yes, Mom," Kyle replied wearily, grabbing his backpack from the backseat.

"It's just…you know you don't,-"

"I don't have to do this," he cut in, "I know, Mom, I know," he sighed, rubbing his hand over his eyes. They'd had this conversation so many times that he's lost count already. "But I have to. I've had enough. So please can you just,- just let it rest, please?"

Danielle stared at her only son, seeing the determination set in his cerulean eyes after careful searching. Nathan's eyes, she thought wistfully. "Alright," she said finally, letting out her breath deeply. "I just wish you wouldn't give up basketball too in doing this, Nathan wouldn't have wanted you to."

"I know, Mom. But Dad's being gone has nothing to do with this," Kyle said patiently. "Really," he stressed, after Danielle continued to stare at him. His mom's large brown eyes always saw right through him, and she was too close to figuring him out this morning for his comfort.

"Alright," she relented, "do you want me to pick you up later or are you set on taking the bus?"

"I'll take the bus, Mom. I need to act the part you know, and besides, you have the Kennedy's wedding cake order to deal with, remember?"

Danielle nodded reluctantly. "Yes, I almost forgot about that. Well, ok then, your first period is in fifteen minutes, best get yourself in the office before you're late and ruin your 'new' image." She wiggled her eyebrows mockingly.

Kyle rolled his eyes. "I'm going, I'm going. See you later, Mom," he said as he got out of the car, pushing the thick, round black-rimmed glasses which was slipping back on his nose .

"Bye honey, good luck!" She said, blowing him a kiss.

A/N: So I've decided to cut the last part of chapter one and turn the whole thing into a prologue, it suited the story better, I think. And I've posted that last part as the new chapter one – I hope you guys like it. Let me know if there's any mistakes!