Life & Lessons 1

Life & Lessons 1.

Self-Destruct Mode

Why is it in life everything is so fucking hard? I mean it's total bull what some people do to make everything that much harder. Plus the pressure we seem to put on ourselves does not help one bit. We get pressured to all sorts of things all the fucking time! It's complete bull. And don't you go start on me about cussing because you know we do it. We're teens there are things your just to scared to own up to the fact that we do them. Yeah we're all screwed up teens. Some of us more than others. But do you care? If you do you have a fucking awesome way of showing it.

You're too absorbed in trying to pretend you know what's best for us to see we're all off and on going into self-destruct mode. You hear about suicide all the time and think how the poor kids felt so bad about themselves they would want to do that. You don't get it! You don't fucking get it do you? We all go into self-destruct mode at least once in our teenaged years where the world hates us. For some of us it's too much! And you sitting there watching telling us how screwed up it is to do that only fucking pushes us worse in. Did you know that? Did you know that?

You're so happy with your content a little less than average perfect life that you can't even see your fucking kids killing themselves every day. Did you ever wonder why they do bad stuff? Did you ever ask them? Because no. They say they don't want to talk to you about it, and chances are at the time they don't! Does that mean you shouldn't ask them? NO! It's your job to make the childhood these kids live the best years of their life and make it so they make mistakes and learn they're own! Not kill themselves in the process! No kid ever wants to talk to they're parents if they're doing drugs or cutting themselves or breaking the law in any way. But sometimes we need to vent.

It's you're fucking job to give us someone to cry on, let them know we have someone to cry on when we need and not make us feel stupid to do so.

Ok, from a girls point of view, the last thing she wants is her dad or mom to find out they're baby girl is dating this freak with tons of piercing, HELL she wouldn't want her parents finding out about basically anything she does that involves boys. So what do you do? You don't fucking ask! If she wants to go out LET HER! If she wants to have a boyfriend who doesn't look like he's good for her let her, she needs to make her own fucking mistakes.

And for the guys, well it's the same way turned around. He needs to grow and learn the same way.

Now if I'm confusing you shut the hell up and let me finish because I'm not fucking done.

I say to leave them alone because they need space, but I also say you need to let them come to you for anything and not judge them for what they do because that is one of the things that pushes us into depression and fucking crap like that.

And Yes I'm aware that I've used the word fucking a fuckload. Shut the hell up. I don't give a fuck what you say about my "vulgarity."

Oh. And would you PLEASE stop using the fucking big words no one but you or people older than you know? It's annoying as hell! Because if we don't know what you're talking about how are we supposed to act on what you're telling us?

Ok. After all that I think I'm done.

So Shut the fuck up and go take a good long look at you're kids. If they seem alright ask them. If they don't answer don't press. If they talk. Listen. If they cry. Let them. Just let them know you're there. And Kids, if you're having trouble please don't be afraid to go to someone you feel comfortable talking to, because if you're not comfortable then it all goes down to that. Your parents, your older siblings, your best friend, your neighbor. I'm not telling you to fess up to all the stupid shit you've done, I'm telling you, you always have someone. Even when the world seems to hate you. You always have someone. Hell. I'll talk if you want.

Angel wrote what she could down in as little time as she could squeeze it all in. She dropped her pen and sighed. She slowly stood up and walked herself to the front of the small classroom. She nodded curtly to the teacher who sat there not even bothering to glance at the paper. She sighed and walked out. She was through. And couldn't take any more. She walked down the hall and out the door completely ignoring the yelling people made seeing her walk out. She made it to her care and sped off.