Take a deep breath before even trying to read this one

Take a deep breath before even trying to read this one. It's harsh.

So I walk downstairs see a mess. I live in a pigsty really. It's sickening. But that's probably why I don't go into the house much if I can help it. So later on my dad walks in the house, and let me tell you he is pissed about something or another, probably something happened at work, and he just goes off at me. I tell him to calm down and stop yelling. You know what he does? Fumes.

That's harsh. Even for parents. My life is a prime example of everything not being all perfect and peppy. My dad's an ass, my step dad has worse mood swings that a girl PMSing, my Mom seems to be a pushover who's addicted to the internet, and my brother is a freak. Like cut the piercing-s and tattoos he's just a 21 going on 22 year-old still living my freaking basement. Ugh. And then my other brother is having trouble in school and I can't help him because whenever I try he just gets angry.

But other than my stupid rants here and there I'm not complaining, I have good friends, good people in my life. Just people who make stupid mistakes. I make stupid mistakes. I make 'em all the time. My life is a prime example of a bunch of mistakes after more mistakes. It's what most people's life is.

In life you have to make your own mistakes. I make mine, sometimes I learn right away sometimes it takes a few times to get it right. But I learn at my own pace, and so should you. You and/or your kids need to learn from mistakes they've made themselves. You can't tell them and hope they'll listen. I guess you could but it'd be a waste of breath. Like shouting waste of oxygen. Just extra release of carbon dioxide (monoxide? Oh well) Tell them calmly what they've done wrong, help them fix it, and hope they've learned if not then let them do it as many times as possibly needed LEARN.

My best friend is a girl. She's my best friend and has been since about first grade (for me, it was second for her). For years I was separated from her. Mostly because I got in fights around school and I went to another school. Then when I finally changed schools again I got to see her, and have her as my best friend for another two years where she will leave again. I get her for another year before I miss her for two years. Then we'll see eachother again at school. I hope. But in those years away from her the first time I learned that I hated seeing her once in a while and us not being best friends. So I'm not going to let that happen this time. I will be her friend at least her normal friend until we are re-united and we can be best friends again.

That's my example of making mistakes.

Everyone does them you just got to be one of the people that learn from their mistakes.