Why do we want it?

Need it?

Crave it?

It hurts. It's always hurt someone, no matter what. But even still,

We need it.

We crave it.

We die without it.

The one I love walks by every day.

And yet, he doesn't know.

Because it would hurt the one who loves me.

Why does love have to work this way?

Why can't it ever be nice, and play out the way we want it to?

Need it to?

Why do we still want it,

Need it,

Crave it,

After all the pain it causes us?


Why do we want it?

Need it?

Crave it?

Because we are human.

I am human.

And I want to love.

I need to love.

I crave love.


The one thing I need to live kills me more every day.

a/n: This came to me as I was sitting in my room thinking about how much I love him, but can't tell him. If I told him, another would hurt. But I don't tell him. So I hurt. Love always hurts someone. It always works out that way in the end.