Never 2 Later

Thanks to my beta xMidnight Angelx. Without your help, your skills in putting the comma in the right place and ensuring that the story flows in the right places. Without you, my words are just a jumble. Thanks again

The night club GirlZone is run by Brenna O'Toole, lesbian, 35. She used to manage it for her old boss until she retired. Brenna bought the club and kept the staff. The staff respected her and Brenna always thought of them as her family. Brenna lives in the apartment above the club, a one bedroom studio, by herself.

The club's staff consisted of the DJ, Sonny Miller. Her influence was dance, and she mixed her own tracks. Her job was to keep the girls dancing because that meant more drinks in Brenna's mind. Sonny was 34, lesbian and former lover of Brenna.

Two bar girls, Megan, or as she likes to be referred to, Sassy, is 25 years old. She is bi-sexual and a crowd favourite. Most times she serves topless, which was at no request by Brenna. A girl once asked Sassy what would it take for her to serve topless and she said 100.00 in tips. The crowd each Friday/Saturday night would donate until 100.00 was reached and Sassy would remove her top. Once the club was closed, she would split the tips amongst her work colleagues. Brenna, although she didn't approve, was bemused and as long as Sassy was ok and no law was being broken she allowed it. Sassy gets a lot of attention from Sonny, but Sonny hadn't managed to bag the young girl yet.

Erin, the other bar girl, was 32, straight and occasionally covers as manager whenever Brenna was not on shift, which wasn't very often.

There is also 2 security staff members who were always kept busy either breaking up drunken fights, throwing out over-aggressive patrons and strongly enforcing a no-men policy.

Charli, 40 years old, straight and married. The former bodybuilder was head security crowd controller who supervised and trained any additional staff. She would also remain until Brenna had put all the night's takings into the safe and locked up.

The latest member of Brenna's nightclub family is Arlie, 29, lesbian. She was a prison guard, but was fired for being too heavy handed with the female inmates. Her last job was store security but she was fired after putting a guy in hospital for stealing clothes. Brenna gave Arlie the opportunity to be a part of her family. Arlie only once challenged Brenna's authority, only to have Charli pick her up after Brenna had knocked her on her arse.


Brenna and Sonny first met in primary school and remained friends up until the age of 14. Brenna moved away with her mum and they lost contact. Then one night at Shelia's place (before Brenna changed the name to GirlZone), Sonny was working as DJ and she recognised Brenna, who had just started working as a bar girl. Being both 22, they reconnected and fell for each other instantly. Their relationship was intense for about 6 years before Sonny started to stray with the occasional patron from the club. It would always end in a fight, but then they would get back together. Sonny would always brag that she and Brenna (or Bree, as only Sonny could call her) were best friends for life. This was until Sonny really fucked it up.

They had celebrated Brenna's 28th birthday as well as being the new owner of GirlZone. After the celebrations had ended, Brenna went to their apartment upstairs from the nightclub only to find Sonny in their bed with another woman. This was final straw for Brenna, because although she knew of Sonny's indiscretions, she had never bought them into their bed. Sonny was kicked out, and although she remained the DJ their friendship took another 6 years to repair. Sonny's excuse for her promiscuous behaviour was that relationships affected the rhythm and soul of her dance mixes and only by having sex with lots of women was her inspiration kept alive and fresh. Brenna always thought it was a load of crap and didn't care as long as her patrons where happy and kept coming back.


Brenna stood back to take a break from the busy bar. Sassy already had her top off and was flirting with the patrons. However if anyone tried to handle or grope Sassy, Brenna would expel them from the club immediately. She too would flirt with the customers, but never went any further than that. She was hoping to meet someone, someday but the nightclub scene wasn't her place to seek out someone special.

Erin tapped Brenna on the shoulder, the music usually too loud to talk so they had hand gestures and nods. Erin nodded to the dance floor, and to the DJ's box. Brenna could see Sonny hold up a an empty water bottle.

Brenna nodded to Sonny and grabbed a couple of water bottles from the fridge and made her way through the dense packed dance floor until she got to Sonny. Sonny helped her up into her box and took the water bottle leaning in towards Brenna.

"Thanks sexy." She takes a mouthful.

Brenna nods.

Sonny leans into Brenna ear "Bree when are you going to get the air conditioning fixed, I'm cooking man."

Brenna nods "It works fine; I just don't turn it on. The warmer the floor, the more they drink."

"Oh and it doesn't matter about the DJ cooking in here?"

"Well if you just worried about the music, rather than fondling the patrons, you wouldn't get so hot."

Sonny put an arm around Brenna and pulled her in saying "babe you are the only one that gets me hot" and kisses her neck.

Brenna pushes back "doesn't work on me Sonny. Try it on the young ones."

Brenna turned to leave when Sonny wraps arm around her waist pulling her back and kissing the back of her neck again. "Oh come on Bree, you used to come in here and press my buttons, play with the sound, do it again for me" Sonny rubbed Brenna's stomach encouragingly.

Brenna no doubt loved Sonny, and enjoyed her attention but knew it was never going to be anything more. She turned and grabbed Sonny face, planting a sweet kiss on her lips, but she could see some girls wanting to get into the DJ's pen. "Well I guess one of us better get back to work" Brenna got out as the young girls joined Sonny.

Later on in the evening, the music had been slowed to allow for the bar takings to pick up. Brenna headed to the store room to grab extra cartons of beer. She growled when she found the door was a little open, she was always reminding the girls to lock it. She opened it and found a girl resting against a stack of cartons with Sonny kissing her intensely.

Sonny moved back and dropped her head, Brenna looked at the girl who had quickly put her top on and left. She looked back at Sonny

"What?" asked Sonny.

"Nothing, I just needed to get more stock."

"I know that look, Sonny's at it again" laughed Sonny.

"Nothing new. You sure know how to show a girl a good time... Little more than counting stock"

Sonny rolled her eyes and grabbed Brenna hips "I never heard any complaints from you when we used to spend time in here... counting stock."

Brenna smiled, because it was true. In the early years of their relationship, if they had wanted some time alone they would make love in the store room sometimes up to 3 or 4 times a night.

Sonny hugged Brenna and kissed her neck "how about for old times sake we-"

Brenna eyebrow raised "we…. What?" she asked, wrapping her arms around Sonny's neck.

"Out here, on the cartons" she pats the box and pressed her lips to Brenna's as they kissed. Sonny started to touch Brenna when she was pushed back.

"Two reasons honey, one: I'm busy and need to restock the fridge, and two, my days of screwing on hard surfaces like cartons of beer is over. I'm a strictly soft surface girl these days Sonny."

"My car, back seat ... I have 10 minutes of my break left"

"Not the back seat of your car either" laughs Brenna as she grabs a carton.

"Alright, your bedroom right now... final offer" pushes Sonny.

"Alright, if it shuts you up. See you in my bedroom in 5 minutes."

"Really?" said Sonny, getting excited.

"Errr no... see, I'm screwing with you lovey. You are so gorgeously gullible sometimes. Now be a sweetie and lock up this room before something gets stolen."


3am was when the club closed and by 3.30am Brenna would shout all her staff a drink and basically thank her girls for the night and pay them accordingly.

Charli left once Brenna had put the money away. She made her way upstairs and opened the door to find Sonny sitting on her couch watching TV.

"Don't you have a home?"

"Yeah but Bree, by the time I get home and relax... you know."

Brenna walked into the kitchen rubbing her head "you mean you lucked out tonight…. "

Sonny goes after Brenna "Bree I did not luck out" she defends. "Another headache?" she asked, looking at Brenna's body language.

"Hmm yeh. Just need a drink."

Sonny opened the draw and pulled out headache tables and hands them over. She then proceeds to massage Brenna's temple lightly. Brenna closed her eyes and allowed Sonny to take away her pain.

"Soo, can I stay?" asked Sonny.

"Don't you always?"

"No not unless..." She smirks "How about you go have shower?"

"You lucked out admit it... ha ha, Sonny is losing her touch." She sings, and Sonny smacks her playfully on the arse. "Go before I give you a thrashing girl."

20 minutes later Brenna went to her bedroom to find Sonny already in bed. Brenna smiled to herself, her stomach tightening. Brenna drops her towel and puts on her night shirt.

Sonny watches, admiring Brenna's tattoos that cover part of her neck, both shoulders and down her spine. She remembered the last tattoo she got was 6 years ago. They had a pact going that every birthday they would buy each other a tattoo, but that stopped once Brenna threw her out.

Brenna slipped into bed and faced Sonny rolling her eyes "Sonny."

"I always sleep in the nude, why are you so embarrassed all of a sudden?" whined Sonny "are you ashamed of my body now?"

"Of course not... just... Look it doesn't matter. Get some sleep." Brenna turns off the lamp and lies on her back. Her eyes are closed but she couldn't sleep and it wasn't long before the reason she didn't want to sleep commenced. The tension that had built up between them all night was in need of releasing.

Sonny rubbed hand over Brenna's body, caressing, rubbing gently and softly not spending too much time in one area.

Brenna tried to ignore it, but her body eventually gave in when Sonny's hand went under her shirt and grasped at her breasts gently then released. Her hand rubbed between Brenna's legs, bringing an immediate reaction, indicating that she was still ok.

Brenna pulled Sonny's lips onto hers and they kissed passionately. Brenna seeking out Sonny's tongue, entangling them together.

"That's it Bree…." Sonny worked deeper, quickening the pace of her finger.

Brenna was getting vocal as she always did, calling out, encouraging Sonny harder, faster.

"Ohhhh fuck... baby fuck" she called out over again as she climaxed.

While Brenna was catching her breath, Sonny quickly slipped down between her legs and licked, tasting her when she was grabbed roughly by the hair and pulled up.

"Ouch, ouch." Cries out Sonny "what?"

"I don't mind us fooling about Sonny, because it's just that... fooling. But you lost the right to make love to me in that way a long time ago. Please don't try it again or you won't stay over anymore."

Sonny moaned "awwlright, sorry" and rolled over sulking, then went to sleep.