Sonny was pacing around the club nervously. Brenna was being discharged and coming home. Erin and Sassy put up the banner while Charli and Arlie set up the nibbles.

"God will you stop that" growled Erin at Sonny "everything is fine."

The door opens and in walks Laura and Brenna. They all cheer and each girl gave Brenna a hug, with tears from Erin and Sassy. Sonny cracks open a bottle of champagne and offered it around.

"Here's to the queen... All hail the queen" toasts Sonny.

"shudd up" laughs Brenna.

Brenna strolls around and they all hold their breaths. Brenna came to an immediate stand still on the dance floor.

"Why has the DJ box been moved to the corner?" she demanded.

Sonny thought 'here we go.'

Laura stepped forward "well remember we discussed about moving it, to free up more dance space. Now it's out the way."

Brenna eyes narrowed at Laura. Erin and Charli grinned at each other.

"We discussed it... But I never said go ahead and do it. And it was never in the fucking way in the first place. You had no right to make changes to my club" Brenna said, her face going red.

Sonny stepped forward "Brenna it's ok, really."

"No it's not Sonny. What ever possessed you to stick Sonny in a corner?" Brenna yelling at Laura.

Charli looked at Erin and whispered "I bet Laura has never seen this side eh" and laughs quietly.

Erin grinned "and she's only just getting started" both enjoying themselves.

"Well her area took up a lot of space; she was in the way of the dance floor and the girls always getting in the way of her job, messing about."

Brenna sneered "do you know why girls come to my club, have you any idea?"

Laura shrugged.

"It's the music and not just the music, but also for Sonny. She is what gets them here; she is the one that keeps them on the floor. Sonny is what makes GirlZone successful and you had no right to fuck around with what works. I want that put back where it was now."

"Umm Brenna I don't think-"

"I'm not asking you to fucking think, I'm telling you."

"ENOUGH Brenna…. stop this" Sonny raises her voice catching everyone off guard. "You need to calm down."

"Don't you tell me to calm down" she spat.

Sonny walked over to Brenna quickly "fine... then shut the fuck up. You want to go back into hospital? Because the doctor warned what would happen if you didn't take it easy."

"I'm fine" she growls.

"No you are not, your chest is hurting. I can see that, so this discussion, this argument stops now."

"Laura please take Brenna upstairs and make sure she gets some rest before she busts her stitches."

Laura nodded.

"You do not tell me what to do" she growled at Sonny.

"Wanna fucking bet? If you don't go up those stairs right this minute I will have Charli carry you" threatens Sonny.

Charli's eyes widen in horror at the thought.

Brenna face contorted in anger and frustration but she didn't budge.

Sonny looked at her intensely "Fine …..Charli please carry Brenna upstairs thanks."

Charli stepped forward not sure who she was more afraid of at that moment, Brenna or Sonny.

"This is a fucking conspiracy." She grumbled at Sonny in defeat.

"It's for your own good." Sonny said, bringing the tone of her voice down.

Brenna goes up to her apartment.

Laura stands there in shock, unable to make a sound.

"Laura... you should be with her."

"Now... I'm afraid she's going to rip me apart. I can't believe she got so upset"

Erin looks around "fine... I'm going to say it. Laura we told you so."

"Cut it out Erin" growled Sonny "Laura trust me she has calmed down by now. Please she needs you."

Laura leaves and Sonny gets her equipment ready for the night.


That night while Sonny was working she felt a blast of cold air from above her. She looked up to see the air conditioning vent on. She felt someone next to her and looked over.

Brenna leaned in "I'm sorry about earlier"

Sonny shook her head "are you feeling better?"

Brenna shrugged "no not really"

"Where's Laura? I thought she was watching out for you."

Brenna reached down and rubbed between Sonny's legs, causing Sonny to back away

Brenna laughed and grabbed her face leaning into her ear "just screwing with you Sonny" she steps out the box.

All of a sudden the music went off and the lights up. Everyone groaned and growled when Sonny touched the microphone to get everyone's attention

Brenna froze in the middle of dance floor

"Hey everyone how we doing tonight?" yelled Sonny.

People cheered.

"Well I'd like to share a little something. As you know, 2 months ago we had unfortunate incident when GirlZone nearly lost her den-mother. I would like you all to know that she is back tonight, right there on the dance floor, so give her a cheer." Yelled Sonny.

The whole club let out cheer and started chanting "Brenna, Brenna" when initiated by Sonny. Brenna blushed and wanted to hide.

"Something else I want you to know about Brenna, and that although I mix this music for all you sexy girls, the soul of my music comes from loving Brenna. Without you baby it would just be sounds without a purpose."

"AAAWWWWWW" the crowd cried out.

Sonny quietens them down again "and also I think Brenna was going to have drinks on the house, isn't that right Brenna?"

The club cheered and Sonny could see the whites of Brenna's eyes and laughed "naahhh I'm kidding, I'm just screwing with you Bree. All right lets crank this club and fuck the neighbours off."

Sonny and Brenna eyed each off then Sonny turned the lights down and the music up.

The club was quiet after 3am, and all the staff had left but two.

Sonny and Brenna sat against the bar. Brenna noticed Sonny looking at the floor.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

"I still see the blood."

Brenna comes out and looks at the spot where she once laid when she was shot. There was no blood stain visible.

"Hmmm well you didn't do a good job cleaning it up. Lucky I only pay you to be a DJ." joked Brenna.


Brenna touched her face "I want you to be happy again. I want to see your smile that brightens up my heart when ever I'm having a bad day."

Sonny wanted to touch Brenna, wanted to kiss her but instead finished her drink "I should go... say see ya to Laura for me."

Brenna grabbed Sonny and made her sit down "I know when you have something on your mind, and I know you have more to say so neither of us is going anywhere until you get it all out."

Sonny eyes filled with tears as she fought every feeling in her body that wanted to release the pain, anguish and now loss. "I can't..."

Brenna nodded "It's about me moving in with Laura."

Sonny couldn't hold it anymore and jumped off the chair "It's about me... my feelings for you. I hate it that you love someone more than me now, that we are nothing more than friends because I don't know how to be just friends with you Brenna."

"Sonny..." Brenna reaches to hug Sonny.

Sonny backs away "no don't…... I love you so much" tears falling, "that night, that fucking night when you were on the floor, it hit like a ton of bricks. I realized you are my soul mate and you were going to die and I was never going to get the chance to tell you that I'm completely in love with you."

Brenna was crying "Sonny... please..."

"I know that you believe you and Laura are compatible, but fuck there is more to a relationship than just compatibility."

Sonny wiped her face "it's about knowing... knowing each other inside and out, it's like finishing the other person's sentence. It's a look, it's a touch, a relationship taps into all your senses. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"

Brenna looked at her without saying anything, her tears still flowing.

"Jezus Brenna you might not think I am compatible with you, but honey I know you. I know you like no one else does. We fit together like a hand in a glove."

Brenna makes a quick move and grabs Sonny before she could get away again.

Sonny looks Brenna directly in the eye "Brenna I just want a chance to prove it to you, I just want a second chance, please," pleads Sonny who completely breaks down.

Brenna holds her, stroking her "shhhhhh get your breath."

Sonny steps back, Brenna holds Sonny's face "Sonny I don't want you to break my heart again. I can't go through that all over again, wondering if you are going to come home to me or if you are out fucking someone else."

"It's different... I'm different" whimpers Sonny.

"How? I know you too Sonny, how is it going to be different?"

Sonny didn't have the words at first. Instead she touched her own chest "it hurts so much Brenna."

Sonny collapsed back into Brenna "it hurts when I'm with you and it hurts worse not being with you. Loving you has never been this painful."

Brenna had never in all her time with Sonny heard or seen such emotion that was pouring from her now.

Brenna kissed Sonny's head "Sonny do you know how scary this is for me, to try and trust you again?"

Sonny let out a little laugh "you don't know what scared is until you hold the person you love thinking it is going to be for the last time. I will work hard on getting and keeping your trust I promise. Jeez I never slept with one woman while you were in hospital, I couldn't bring myself to look, touch... it was like I was saving myself for you. I don't want to be with anyone else but you Brenna"

Brenna couldn't fight it anymore and kisses Sonny, snatching at her lips. Sonny held her encouraging more from Brenna. Their arms wrapped around each other pulling them tighter together. Both surfaced for air but not letting the other go.

"Shit... this is complicated now" admits Brenna.

Sonny closed her eyes and nodded.

"But I would give anything to have complication back in my life." She kisses before breaking the hold.

"What does that mean?" asked Sonny, desperate for an answer.

"It means I have to go and talk to Laura." She turned her back and smirked "and see if she wouldn't mind if we can be in a 3 way relationship."

Sonny scoffed and stuttered "no... That's not what I meant... I want you and only you. I don't want to share you with another woman. I won't, that's out of the question." Her tone snarling at the thought.

Brenna turns and laughs "I'm just screwing with you Sonny."

"Oh... well you win."

"Can you make yourself scarce for a bit? I need to talk to Laura."


Brenna finally crashes onto her bed, she gently touches the face next to her "hey... how you doing?"

Lips snatched at hers passionately, tongue sinking in exploring. "Sonny" her hands feeling Sonny's clothed body

Sonny pulled back "what? I was showing you how I was doing."

"No not that, ... you are wearing clothes."


"Sonny doesn't wear clothes in our bed, she likes to sleep naked."

Sonny bites Brenna's lips playfully "Well maybe Sonny's changed..."

Brenna kisses her again "hmmm no the only Sonny I want in this bed is naked."

With minimal coaxing the girls discard their clothing.

Brenna lies back, her injury still prevented any real physical assertion. Sonny slowly works Brenna into heightened sexual feeling.


"hmmmm, is this hurting?" she asks, her fingers easing back.

"No but I would rather you make love to me the way you used to"

Sonny looked up the ceiling and whispered "thank you god"

She disappears down, between Brenna's legs.

The end