Life slips away more with every breath. We can never catch it, and we can never stop it. The most we can do is flow with it.

And as life slips out of our grasp, chances that may never come again go by. Opportunities to do once-in-a-lifetime things pass us by, and we never give them a second glance. We are too blinded by one thing in life that everyone wants, but so few people actually have. Love.

Love drives everyone. Everyone wants to have true love, but so few people truly do. Those who do have it sometimes don't realize how lucky they are, and they lose it. The others, those who know they have found true love, hold onto this love with everything their being can offer.

But love is tricky. It is so hard to find true love. It is hard even to find what you think is love.

In life, some people have what they think is love, but know isn't true love. And they realize this fully. They wait for the day when they will look true love in the face and know it. But if true love presents itself at the same time they are still hanging onto the false love so they are not hurt and alone, they let it pass by. They become foolish, they hold onto what they have, and let what they truly need pass them by.

All people are fools for this. It happens all the time. But it doesn't make them any less of a fool.

Love is something that should be strived for. Even if it seems impossible to get there from our current places in life, we need to try our absolute hardest to reach the final destination. We need to try our hardest to get through life and find the love we dream of.

The love we all need.

a/n: I will admit, this applies to me in the sense that I have a love, not true love, but a love nonetheless. And recently, I've been realizing that there is true love staring me in the face, that this is the love I've been waiting for, and now I can't get to him.