Here is my first chapter of this Yuri story...I'm a little wary about posting it, because I tend to lose the motivation to stories quickly. But this one really interests me, and I love the sweet personality of Yuri. R&R please...spare me from any harshness? ;P




The hands of the clock moved mercilessly slow as she listened to him go on about her. Molly, was it? Yuri did not remember the name for sure; the minute he mentioned her in any of their conversations, her mind went off miles away. Yuri did not want to hear how great Molly was for him, how beautiful she was how smart she was.

They were all of the reasons Yuri wasn't good enough for him.

She sighed to herself as she rolled over on her bed, pulling the covers closer, since it had gotten cold pretty fast for September. She wished she could just go to sleep- it was one-thirty, and Roger had called her the moment he had gotten back from a date with Molly.

That had been at eleven.

Yuri bit her lip and prepared herself to turn her ears back on the conversation, knowing she would most certainly hear things she didn't want to.

"It's just insane, Yuri, you know? I've never felt this fantastic around a girl...I mean I've seen it in movies and heard my friends talk about it, but I'm like tongue-tied around her! Actually speechless! And man, if I even go as far to look at her eyes..." he paused, and Yuri sent him ESP messages begging him to stop. He didn't get them. "Have you seen Molly's eyes? They're so gorgeous! They're like, this really light blue, with specks of green! I've never seen anything like them...every time I look into them I just get lost."

This hit Yuri exceptionally hard even though she had become a bit toughened up over the years, listening to Roger rattle on about his girlfriends. She had always envied those blue-eyed girls. Especially the ones like Molly, who had dark hair, and shockingly light colored eyes. It was so beautiful. Yuri hated her average brown eyes and her black hair. It just made her the typical Asian girl. It was something Roger had always comforted her about, but here he was, essentially admitting that he preferred those blue-eyed beauties.

She never stood a chance with him.

She listened to more of the ecstatic words he was exclaiming over her cell phone, and even though he and Molly had only been together for a couple weeks, she could tell that this was different from the others.

Roger stopped speaking, out of breath. Yuri smiles. She loved that about him; every time he so much as liked a girl, he went on for hours about her. He put his entire heart into his relationships.

"Well Roger," said Yuri. "It seems that you're over the moon about her."

She heard his chuckle, soft and content. "Yeah, I really am."

She smiled again, because even though she wishes with all of her heart that he would be like that about her, she was just glad to see him so happy. "That's great, Rog. I'm happy for you, kid." They both laugh. The 5'1 girl was calling the 6'3 guy "kid". One of their inside jokes. "But it's super late now; I really should hit the hay. I'll see you tomorrow, right?"

"Yep," he said, still chipper even after midnight. "I'll pick you up at 8 o'clock sharp, as always."

"Okay, then good night, Roger."

"Night, Yuri."


Tick. Tick. Tick.

The clock went faster, along with her heartbeat.

It didn't really have a reason to go so fast, the stupid little muscle- it was just the rush she always got after speaking to Roger. Even after three years, to be exact, she was still crazy about him.