Uncle Soldier

Uncle Soldier
6 June 2008
12:34 A.M.

I've got family fightin'
In the war
Though I admit I'm not sure just
What he's fightin' for

I never really thought
It'd be like this
Never really knew
How much I'd miss

Sittin' and talkin' and
Shootin' the breeze
Laughin' and confidin' and
Prayin' for peace

Now my uncle's in Iraq with
Bombs and bullets so loud
And I miss him and think that
I'm so very proud

I love him and hope that
He's okay
Before I sleep at night, close my eyes
And pray

God keeps him safe and
Lets him know
We all miss him here
At home

Bravest soul I know
Is in my family
Strong and loyal, a real "Superman"
I call him "Uncle Tracy"