The Myths and Legends of this world have been slowly pushed aside and forgotten. After the past centuries, they've changed in our stories and tales. They lived in the mountains, caves, and valleys of past times.

During a time where creatures and mythical beings waged their wars on one another, there was one that was one of the most feared. His name was Catherith Winterfang, king of the Lycans. He was ruthless and cared nothing of what came across his path. His bloodlust drove him to hate all that crossed him. He had one trusted ally that helped him in his obsession of war, Darrel Bloodwing Sr.

Darrel Sr. also had a deep lust for war and carnage. His profession was of the slayer. He killed everything he thought to be unworthy of existence. Nothing every stood a chance against the two titans of evil.

The wars continued for centuries until one day, both vanished out of nowhere. The war went into the stories of the following generations. Going into legend, the bloodlust of Holyhurst was almost forgotten, until one Lycan changed the future forever. Lerato Winterfang.