Chapter 6

Unexpected Company

A month had past since the death of Lilly's parents. Lilly didn't talk much since then. Lerato tried his hardest to cheer her up, but all that he got was a simple smile and silence. Lilly helped Lythari with the chores most of the day in the garden in a mellow type mood that even made the plants seem down. Lerato needed to find a way to get his girl happy again. He went to his room and pulled out his old spell book. He searched through the old pages for something that could help him. He came to a chant that made the rarest of flowers grow anywhere. He knew the rare flowers that grew back at Arlond's castle and that Lilly loved them to death.

Lerato went out to the middle of the valley near the house and started his old beloved chant. He spoke the chant in the ancient language of Lycan. The wind started to blow gently and the sun shined down on the valley tenderly. Small plants started to pop up out of the soil and grow into the rarest of flowers, Vendelias. They where like a lilly and a rose combined together. They ranged between several different colors from blues, reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks. Lerato continued his chant till the flowers where at their most brilliant state. He hoped it will do the trick to cheer Lilly up.

Lilly was in the kitchen making something for everyone to eat. Lilly was the most fantastic cook anyone could come across. Lerato could never get enough of her cooking. Lythari helped Lilly with the table settings. Lythari knew Lilly was still down from knowing her parents where killed by Jr. and that it would be a good while until she would be back to normal.

"I'm back". Lerato said as he came in the front door. "Wow what smells so good? I can't wait to eat"! Lerato washed up for dinner and sat down at the table. Lythari brought some water over and filled everyone's glass. Lythari joined Lerato at the table followed by Lilly. Lerato enjoyed every bite of his meal and wanted to show Lilly the valley before it got too dark for her to see his gift. "Lilly, would you like to join me in a walk"? Lerato asked as he stood and put his coat on. Lilly walked over to her love and wrapped her arms around him. Tears started to fall down her face and she began to cry. Lerato looked down and saw the tears running down her face like rivers. Lerato placed a finger under her chin and lifted her head slightly to meet her eye to eye. Lerato wiped the tears and kissed her gently. "What is wrong Lil?" Lerato asked. Lilly didn't look up. She simple replied with more tears welling up in her eyes.

"I miss my parents. I never thought to lose them so quickly." Lerato put a finger under her chin to pull her face up to look into her eyes. He could see the sadness through her golden irises.

"I have something I want to show you". Lerato took Lilly out to the valley and told her to close her eyes. "I hope you will like my gift". Lerato said as they got to the edge of the valley.

"Lerato what is it that you want to show me"? Lerato kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear.

"Open your eyes and see". Lilly opened her eyes to the most beautiful valley filled with Vendelias. She could not believe how many Vendelias were filling the valley.

"Lerato, it's so beautiful. I never would have imagined a valley filled with Vendelias". Lilly wiped around and hugged Lerato tightly. "Thank you Lerato. I feel so much better now". Lerato smiled and hugged her tight in return.

When Lerato and Lilly returned, it was almost dawn. Lythari welcomed them back and had breakfast already waiting for them. "I see you got back late Lerato. Hope you guys are hungry". Lerato and Lilly went inside and sat at the table. As they ate their meal, Lerato was thinking of proposing to Lilly but really didn't have the ring to do it nor the words to say. Lerato thought of giving her a ring that would show how rare his love is for her. He thought of making the ring himself with the rarest stone in Holyhurst, Bloodstone. He knew it would be hard to find such a stone. He would have to travel up to the North Mountains to retrieve it.

"I'm heading off to bed. I will see you both in a few hours". Lilly said as she got up and went into the bed room. Lerato sat at the table and thought about how he was going to propose to Lilly. Lythari left him to his thinking and went off to go on her daily ride. Lerato sat for several minutes trying to think of the best thing to say to his love and not make a fool of him self. Lerato decided to take a walk and think in the calm area of the woods hoping that something would aid in his dilemma.

Walking down a well walked, deer path. Lerato came across a clearing where there wasn't any trees and was filled with fairies. He knew this would be the best place to think his thoughts through. He sat down in the warm grass and concentrated. He thought for several minutes and spoke out loud to hear how it sounded. "Lilly, I love you with all of my existing heart. I want to live life by your side in everlasting peace. As my soul cries out for you, it waits for your souls cry in return. Calm my spirit and be my love forever". Just then, Lerato felt something land on his shoulder and glanced over. A fairy had sat down and smiled at him. "Hello there". Lerato said to the lovely little fairy. "Can you help me little one. I need some help to propose to my love". The fairy thought and whispered into his ear. "Just let you heart tell you what is the right thing to say, son of Catherith". The fairy said with a little giggle as she flew off to join the others. Lerato stood and started to head back home, thinking and listening to his heart.

"Well Obsidian I guess Lerato is out trying to see if he can do something else to cheer me up. It was so nice of him to fill an entire field with Vendelias for me. I would have never thought to see such a beautiful site". Lilly said as she rubbed Obsidian's neck. Lilly heard the front door open and ran out of the stable to see who had come home. She ran into the house. Lerato had come back from his long walk in the woods. "Hello sweetheart. How was your morning so far"? Lerato turned around to see a smiling face that he had longed to see for days on end.

"It's a whole lot better now to see a smile upon your face". Lerato said as he drew her close. "I was thinking of going to see where I can find some herbs for a few things up in the North Mountains. Lythari should be home soon and it shouldn't take me long to get back". Lilly smiled and went to go get his saddle bag.

"I will help you pack some food and supplies for you journey".

Lerato went out to the stable to get Obsidian ready for the long ride ahead of them.

"Well old friend, we need to go find a bloodstone for a gift. It is for Lilly. We need to ride as fast as we can to get to the North Mountains and back. I don't want to leave her and Lythari here by themselves without someone here to protect them from whatever may come near". Lilly walked in and placed the saddle bag on Obsidians back.

"I hope you will be safe and come back in one piece". Lilly said giving him on last hug.

"Don't worry I will be alright. I will be back before you know it". Lerato mounted Obsidian and trotted out the stable door. Lilly waved to him until he was over the hill and out of site.

"Be safe Lerato and please return to me". Lilly said to herself.

Lerato was riding for half a day and was at the base of the North Mountain. Searching for a trail to reach the top was a task in its self. "Well my friend since we can not find the trail, you want to take the easy way"? With that Obsidian spread his wings and took off above the trees. The air around them got colder as they reached the top. Lerato got out his cloak and wrapped himself in it. Obsidian landed on a ledge near a cave. "Now I know the stone is only found in the caves of the North Mountain and I hope this one is it". Lerato and Obsidian went inside and started a small fire with the small bundle of wood that they brought along just incase they would be longer than expected.

Lerato walked around the entrance of the cave and studied the unique markings on the walls. "Some type of creature or people must have been living here at one point. I just hope no one is home right now". Lerato searched for some Bloodstone but didn't find any in the entrance. He knew he would have to go further into the cave. "I think I will wait for a bit to look into the cave. For now I will take a short nap and rest". Obsidian laid by the fire to rest his legs and wings. Lerato laid his head back on Obsidian's side and fell into a deep sleep.

Few hours had past and Lerato jolted awake from a nightmare. "God, why do I need these nightmares all the time? Ever since the destruction of Arlond's kingdom I haven't had a decent nights rest". Lerato shivered and noticed that a slight breeze was coming from inside the cave. "I wonder if there is another way out of here or that we are not alone"? Lerato got up and walked over to the back part of the cave. Lerato shrugged it off and went back to start up his fire again. "I wish I knew why Jr. killed Arlond and destroyed his kingdom. I wish I knew how to defeat him". Lerato said aloud to himself. Just then a deep voice from the back of the cave spoke.

"You have no clue how to defeat what you know is nothing compared to you? To understand you must see, to see you must understand how to see, and then you will see." Lerato jumped to the sound of the voice and drew his sword.

"Who's there"? Lerato yelled to the strange voice. A black dragon came from the shadows and looked down into Lerato's eyes.

"My name is Lucifer, the leader of the black dragons. I will help you on your quest to defeat Jr. but, you must do a few things for me in return". Lerato was a little shocked to see a dragon standing in front of him. "Who may I ask is trespassing in my cave"? Lucifer stated. Lerato regained his thoughts and answered his unexpected company.

"My name is Lerato Winterfang. I was just staying here for a short while and to find some Bloodstone for a ring that I am to make for my love". Lucifer gave a smirk.

"Is that all you came for? A Bloodstone? If you must, you can go down into my cave and retrieve as much as you want. Also if you want to know how to defeat Jr. just let me know and I will assist you in that task". Lerato bowed and thanked Lucifer. He went deep into that cave and found an over whelming shimmer of all tints of reds and pinks.

"Wow, now that is something you do not see everyday". Lerato searched through the different varieties of stone and tried to pick out the one that he felt was the best. After searching through thousands of stones he came across the most perfect one. It was perfectly round and smooth and was very small. It was perfect of a ring. Lerato returned to Lucifer and thought about Lucifer's proposal to help him in the fight against Jr. "I have accepted your offer in helping me to defeat Jr. and I have found the perfect stone for my love, Lilly". Lucifer looked at the stone he had chosen.

"You have chosen the rarest of the Bloodstones". Lucifer said. "If you want to start with your training you must go back to your home and get all the weapons you posses. You will also have to leave all that you care about behind you until your training is complete. I will accompany you on your way back to meet your family and your lover Lilly". Lucifer took off and Lerato rode close behind heading there way to Godspell.