It's basically a little corner of the net where we can hang out and relax and practice our writing skills. We pretend we are characters in a story. We are actors and all the world's a stage, see?"

"not really."

"Ah. Sorry, I think that even went over my head, and I'm the one who said it! Well y'know, we engage in conversation- or at least, some of us do- and when we react with surprise to something that the other person said, we type that we reacted with surprise."

"…When we react with envy, we type that we reacted with envy. When we want a mochachino with extra foam, we type that we want a mochachino with extra foam. And it's all to get a better idea of what people really do, you know?"

"yes i guess so."


"so it's just a place to practice writing?"

"Yeah, it is! 'Cept I think it's a lot more fun this way, because you get to practice with other people."

"o. that is cool."

"Yup. And you know what's happening now?"


"We're experiencing talking head syndrome. We're just two heads talking away to each other, because the reader doesn't know what the rest of us are doing."

"i though we were just chating"

"Well that is all we're doing right now. But real people don't just chat. They wave their arms!" Fuchsia said, waving her arms. "They- They fidget," she said, rolling up the napkin on the table in front of her. "They sometimes even smile," she said with a grin.

"I think i get it." Rita said, nodding.

Fuchsia laughed. "Great! And hey, you even used a capital letter," she teased, and her eyes turned squinty.

"Hehe, i guess I did." Rita said with a laugh.

"See, you're getting a hang of this already! You just have to use that little spell-checker button, and you'll be a professional Cafepress-goer in no time flat." Fuchsia leaned back. "Now, notice how quiet it is in here?"


"You don't, do you?"


Fuchsia giggled. "See, that was good. Talking heads are great for punch lines, but not so much elsewhere. Anyways, it's just us two here. That's why it's so quiet. We're at our own private table in the back of the café, where no one else can hear us." She sighed, "Unless of course someone drops by."

"Who would drop by?" Ritaasked.

She shrugged. "Meh, last time it was Dareti. She's pretty cool."

"Will I get to meet her?" Rita asked.

Fuchsia blinked rapidly, surprised. "Yeah, sure, if you want! Um, let me see if she's here." She turned in her chair and scanned the cafe.

Rita "O'm going to meet her noew?'

"Mm-hm, sure thing. Hey!" Fuchsia waved wildly. "Dar!"

A girl sitting at table 4 looked up. She stood, pushed a cup towards the boy in the other chair, and muttered something to him.

"Oh…" Fuchsia called, "Dareti, if you're busy-"

"Oh heck no!" said the girl as she grinned. She came to the table and leaned on a chair. "It's always fun to see the new ones, and besides, Rick won't die from the wait."

"Hi I'm Rita." Rita said.

Dareti lifted a hand. "What's happenin', Rita?"

Fuchsia looked from one girl to the other. When she realized neither of them were speaking anytime soon, she dropped her gaze to her lap.

Dareti cleared her throat. "Holy crap, none of you have drinks!"

"Very poetic, Dar," Fuchsia commented.

"Quiet, you. Hey, barista!" Dareti called. "Three mochachinos for my friends here!"

"I don't drink coffee." Rita said.

"You don't drink coffee?!" she gasped. She sat quickly. "We better fix that, pronto! Barista, there's a girl in need here! All you have to do is type in: And the barista said, 'Let there be caffeine!' And lo and behold, there was a great coffee!"

Three mochachinos with extra foam appeared on the table. The barista called, "And let's keep in character, shall we ladies?"

"Sorry," Dareti mumbled. She glanced over her shoulders and then attacked the nearest beverage.

Fuchsia giggled. "Dareti, Rita here is looking for some help with her writing."

"Your right." Rita agreed. She took her coffee.

"No offence, Rita," Dareti said as she jabbed a coffee-stirrer in the girl's direction, "but it seems like you're starting from square one. Am I right?"

"Dar!" Fuchsia cried.

"Your right." Rita agreed.

Dareti grinned. "Ha! I like you. You tell it like it is."

Fuchsia stabbed a coffee-stirrer through the lid of her mochachino. "Well what is and what isn't isn't important!"

"You said 'isn't' twice," Dareti pointed out.

Rita looked at both of them.

"That's exactly what I'm saying!" Fuchsia protested. "We all have a lot of room to improve, and putting ourselves and each other down isn't going to solve anything."

"Barista?" Dareti called, lifting a finger. "Switch my friend to decaf!"

"Shut up," Fuchsia grumbled, sinking into her seat. She sighed, "Rita, she is right about one thing. You're not at square one, but you do have room to improve. You're smart enough to know that, and that's why you came to me, and that's why you should come here when you can."

"Ok." Rita said, and nodded.

Fuchsia smiled in an attempt to be reassuring. "We're all weird here. We may freak you out, but we can learn a lot from each other. Just walk around, talk to people, and if you see any tricks you like, take 'em for a test drive!"

"Ok." Rita said, nodding.

A man slid behind Dareti. "What the hell is this?" he asked, crossing his arms. "You expect me to just keep my thumb warm while you gab about who the hell knows what kind of useless shit?"

Dateri groaned and stood up. "Fine Rick. If you really enjoy talking at me that much, I'll sit at your table."

Fuchsia waved goodbye. "See ya Dareti. Rick."

"Bye!" Rita said.

Rick lifted an eyebrow at Rita, then shook his head and walked away.

Fuchia rolled her eyes. "Don't mind Rick. He's a jerk, but in an endearing way."

Rita nodded. "Yes. I guessed."

"Um," Fuchsia said, and pushed back her chair, "shall we pick this up later? Tomorrow, same time, same place?"

"Sure. I'd like that."

"Alright. See you tomorrow, then. And don't worry, I'll pick up the tab." She grinned.

Rita got up. "Ok. bye, and thanks!"


Rita pushed back her computer chair, and let out a breath. She curled her fingers through her hair. "Well that went a little better than I thought it would…" Even though I still have no idea what to do for my creative writing project…