Am I insane?

Or am I just faking?

I wish I knew

Then I wouldn't have to skip through the dandelions in doubt


The rain makes me melt

The silvery drops kiss my eyes

And for a second I can see you

Then they carry me away and you're gone again


I'll cross the rainbow bridge

Dancing to the beat of the butterfly's wins

Then I'll jump, because I have wings too

And as I fall, I can see the alluring pot of gold


Someday I'll pick up my pen

Someday I'll place it upon the paper

But, oh woe is me, the ink ran out

A decade or so ago


Am I insane?

Or just faking?

If only I could organize the library and labyrinth

Of the words that like to dine with me

Then I could give you a not-so-definite answer