A/N: This is a WIP. It's a very loose retelling of the fairy tale Tam Lin, and I'm quite fond of it so far. I've got the entire thing plotted out, and about six chapters written (although they still need to be edited before being thrown up here.) Hope you all enjoy. Concrit and slobberingly lovey dovey reviews are both appreciated. Ha, kidding. (Sort of.) Just a joke, guys. (Totally straight-faced.) Is this thing on? (Taps microphone.)


I found out I was pregnant three weeks after Sam left me for good. I slumped to the ground, my back against the wall and cried, foolishly holding the pregnancy test in my left hand and my underwear in my right. The tiles were cold and dug into my tender skin, mapping grids into my thighs. My head tilted back against the wall, and I wrapped my arms around my belly, gulping air into my shuddering chest.

"Thank you, Lord. Thank you," I whispered.

I reached up and placed my hands on the lip of my sink. I struggled to pull myself up until I was standing in front of the mirror. Taking a deep breath and wiping the tears from my face I straightened to my full five foot ten inch height. My eyes were watering and I met my gaze in the mirror, examining my blue eye and black eye. For the first time in three weeks, I smiled. My mouth stretched wider and wider, and I started to laugh.

"Here we go, baby."

I turned widdershins three times and jumped. My army awaited me on the field with Ten Rook at the front.