Chapter One:


Three hours ago, high pitched squeals were echoing in a room engulfed by glitter, fur, pink, and three very delirious girls. Five pounds of chocolate and a bottle of tequila later, it was silence permeating the air. From a distance, you would think these girls were deeply sleeping after an exhausting day. You would be wrong.

Currently, we were posing asleep so that when Cassie's mom came to check on us, as she surely would be doing in the next ten minutes, we would appear innocently asleep.

As if answering my thoughts, the floorboards of the hallway creaked noisily, somebody was walking and trying to be quiet about it. The lights flickered on, and after a minute of silence they turned off. Footsteps, growing more and more distant by the moment echoed in the hallway.

I opened my eyes and looked around the room, finding my two best friends doing the same. Slowly, when we were sure that we didn't have an audience, we sat up, found a comfortable spot on the blankets that covered the floor and resumed watching the movie.

It was currently three o clock in the morning on a Saturday night or Sunday morning now, I guess. During school on Friday, Cassie had declared that we should have a girl's night since currently we weren't spending enough time together. This wasn't exactly true since we spent every almost every waking moment together but neither me nor Mel had argued. It was futile anyway, to argue with Cassie, since she was almost the most stubborn person I had ever known, the exception being my other friend Nick.

So here we were, a day later, in Cassie's living room watching 27 Dresses, laughing the way only sleep deprived, delirious, and insomniac girls could while trying not to wake up the entire house.

"Guys, I have a problem," Cassie said, in a serious tone after the movie had ended.

This was a change from the laughter that had filled the room during the movie, surprisingly, we had gotten through the whole movie without talking, I blame lack of sleep, it was messing with our minds.

"What?" Mel, said concerned.

"I think I'm in love with Nick Giovanni"

"Oh! And here I thought it was something serious," I said, snickering. She hit me playfully. You see, Cassie falls in love almost two times a week, at fist it was disconcerting but now, I think I'd be more concerned if she stuck to liking one boy.

"It is serious!" She insisted, "I can't like Nicholas Giovanni, he is the biggest player in the history of the world."

"And that's not at all an exaggeration," Mel said smiling, "Plus that boy is so hottt,"

"Ahh this is my best friend you guys are talking about," I said, making a face.

"What? You don't think he's hot?" Cassie asked.

I thought about how I should answer her, "Okay fine, he's not ugly or anything but seriously I can't think of him like that cause if I do, the next time I see him, all I'll be able to think is, 'Damn this boy is soo hot,' and you know that I like to speak my mind and if I blurt it out, he'll get even more conceited and it'll be awkward and yea.." I said, ending my rant, and leaving my best friends laughing.

Truth was, I really did think Nick was good looking, ever since I'd met him. I mean it was hard not to think about just how sexy he really was. The kid was six feet 3 inches, built, not scary pro wrestler built but enough to have a drool worthy six pack. He had dark brown hair that became light brown when the sun hit his face. But best of all were his eyes, they were a beautiful green with astonishing blue flecks.

I know, I sound like I'm in love with him, well truth was I was, irrevocably and unconditionally. Repeat it to anyone, and I'll deny it like the loser I am. Anyway, I was past denying it (in my mind) but I had never told anyone, not even my two best friends. As for Nick…well that was complicated.

I realized I had zoned out and that Cassie was still talking. Returning to reality, I heard the rest of Cassie's little anecdote, "…and he was like you're welcome and he smiled at me, and then he asked for my number, my number!! And was I supposed to do? So I just gave it to him. But like seriously I can't go out with him, even the idea spells drama, the relationship would be like doomed to fail, hell like we'll even have a relationship! Knowing him, it would be like friends with benefit and all that crap, and I'm not that type of girl! I have relationships and boyfriends, not dates! But I can't just not like him you know?" she turned to us, I nodded knowing only too well. "And I don't know what to do!" she finished.

I tried to ignore the burning feeling in my throat, Ahh I can't believe I was jealous, I knew Nick hit on any decent looking girl in a five mile range, well any girl that wasn't me…Damn! What is wrong with me today?

"You know Nick isn't really that bad if you get to know him," I said quietly after getting tired of hearing them insult my best friend repeatedly while I was thinking about Nick.

"Aw, Nessie, I know you want to see the good inside everyone but not everyone is a saint," Cassie said.

"But you don't know Nick,"

"I know that the boy is incapable of looking me in the eyes when he's talking to me because his eyes are busy looking somewhere else."

"Why do you like him then if you think he's such a jerk? Huh?"

"Because he's a very hot jerk." She said smiling. I smiled, typical, she liked him because he was hot.

"So you really like him, like like him?" Mel asked.

"Yea, I think I do, and not just 'cause he's hot like I was saying before, like there's something about him, like, ugh I don't know!" Mel smiled.

"How'd you start liking him all of a sudden?" I asked, no one missed the tone of jealousy in my voice, " I mean, you've known him you're whole life,"

" I don't know, when he started noticing me I guess," She said, shrugging, "god, Ness, I don't know how you don't have feelings for him, you're his best friend,"

Hahha Cass, you don't know how wrong you are.

"Ew, I can't even think of him like that," I said, making a face.

I know, I should be an actress right? Ugh, I hate lying to my best friends.

"Haha Well I can't stop thinking of him like that," Cassie said smiling.

"Guys," Mel said after a moment of silence, "I think I hear something outside."

We all listened quietly, after a moment we heard a squeak by the stairs.

"Shit," we all whispered at the same time and ran under the blankets posing asleep for the second time tonight. Sure enough, it was Cassie's mom once again checking on us.

"Get to sleep girls," Cassie's mom said, her voice sounded like she was half asleep. I guess we didn't fool her after all. She chuckled to herself and left.

"'Night night," Mel said, after Cassie's mom left.

"'Night," I said yawning.

"Good night," Cassie said.

"Nessie?" A husky voice asked, deep yet boyish, "Are you okay? You know I was just kidding inside rig-- Oh there you are! Thank god you're okay!
Wait, why are you crying? Nessie!"

He ran to the bench I was sitting on and put his arms around me at once.

"Nessie? What's wrong?" He whispered softly.

I pressed my face inside his chest and said, "Nothing."

He sat there silently and let me cry, his arms holding me tightly against him. I wished they would never let go.

Only when I was done crying did he pull away.

"Now, what's wrong," Nick whispered, his eyes staring at me worriedly .

"I told you, nothing." I said, looking at the grass.

"Vanessa Alexandra Rivera," He whispered, "I've known you long enough to know that you don't cry over nothing, so you better tell me what's wrong, now,"

We had pulled away from the embrace now but our arms were still touching.

"I...I heard you talking to Michael and Jake," I said, still staring at the floor. I could feel Nick's burning eyes staring at me. He waited patiently.

"They were asking you if you liked me and you said 'no, of course not! That will never happen, she's practically my... my sister." I finished, my voice barely audible, but by the way nick had taken my hand protectively, I knew he had heard and noticed the tone of my voice, it had been almost panicky.

He was quiet for a moment and then when I didn't talk again, his face contorted into a confused expression and said, "And?... I mean, what's wrong?"

I snatched my hand away from his and stood up.

"God Nick, I swear you're so stupid sometimes!" I could see it in his eyes, they went from being mildly confused to utterly bewildered. I sighed.

"Can't you see? I like you! A lot! and I thought you liked me too, I mean that's why we're always together and we hold hands, hug, and stuff right? But now I find out that you don't even see me that way," I finished my voice lower than when it had been when I had started my little speech. I'd had practically been yelling. My face was tomato red and I didn't risk looking at his face, I didn't think I could bear to see his features arranged in a repulsive manner. I had never thought I'd ever be capable of being so blunt about my feelings towards him to anyone, much less him. I had never felt so embarrassed before. I had just admitted to liking a boy who had just said that he thought of me as a sister! Ugh! What was wrong with me?

I mustered up the courage and finally looked up, in his direction, His face was so close, I jumped. He had moved off of the bench and was standing less than a foot in front of me, he had been closer but I had jumped. I stared in to his eyes, they usually gave away what he was feeling. His eyes amused now, had been intense.

He came closer and took both of my hands for the second time tonight and looked at me.

"You know that I like you too" He said, looking directly into my eyes. I had never seen so much emotion in his green blue eyes.

And with that final sentence, he closed the distance between us and put his lips on top of mine.

Every single part of me felt like it was being electrocuted. His hand were holding me tightly, he could feel the jolts of electricity passing through us. After a moment his lips moved of off mine and he backed away a centimeter, grinning.

I had never been kissed before but even I knew that that kiss had been nothing short of magical.

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