Little girl cries inside

why oh why.

It's just so damn confusing

as to why I keep on losing.

All this keeps coming back to

yea.. coming back to then

Coming back to when

Things were so much better.

Keep thinkin about everything

Cant seem to do anything but think

Can't escape this pain

Can't help feelin there is nothin to gain.

Nothing to gain

Yet nothing to lose.

Just nothing.

Anything at all.

Can't believe that it happened

Can't believe it went that way.

Can't believe you didn't stay.

Can't believe a single fuckin thing.

Don't know what to do

What to say

But all because of you,

I'm left being this way.

Thanks a lot,


Thanks so much.

Yea thank you a bunch.

You've made me so much more worst

You've made me hurt more

You've made me think more

and made me distrust more.

Now I know,

I can't trust anyone.

Never put everything into

Just one person.

Don't have faith.

Just Breathe.

Yea Breathe.

Don't believe

Don't listen to what they say

Just live.

Do the best you can do.

Deal with it.

So I do.

I deal with it.

I breathe.

I walk.

I live.