Descent 1. Vermilion Tears

He breathed in heavily, his body tired from overuse. It was hard to breathe quietly, especially when you're panicking. Why was he panicking? A simple reason, really. He was part of a hunt, and he was the prey. From his hiding place, he heard the sound of heavy footsteps. He turned his head slowly to the sounds. He shivered; the thought of him dying there was racing through his mind. He didn't even know how he had gotten there in the first place.

"Where is he? Hurry and find me the damn boy." A rugged, rough voice said. The teen could tell that this voice belonged to the leader of the group. "We're running out of time. Hurry before it closes."

The teen looked on quietly. He could hardly see, his matted and dirty hair falling into his face. It covered his icy blue eyes from seeing anything clearly. He tried moving his hair away, but couldn't, for fear of making too much noise if he slipped. He shifted his weight uneasily from foot to foot, wanting to run away.

"Hurry and find him!" The group leader yelled. The Leader's accomplices ran around, in desperate search for this teenager. The boy could hear their yells, and held his breath every time he heard something pass him.

The teen relaxed into his hiding place, and forced his body to ease his rapid breathing. He glanced up the moon, which was shining brilliantly in the dark sky. He held his breath, only exhaling when he heard no one near him. The cronies passed right by him. It was so close; the teen could smell the noticeable smell of decaying flesh. The blonde covered his mouth, not wanting to vomit from the smell. He felt his stomach lurch violently, wanting to throw out the contents. Luckily for him, there wasn't much in there to throw out.

"He's the one we need!" The rugged voice yelled again. "Find him, and bring him to me!" The sound of his voice was thick with anger and frustration. The boy closed his eyes quickly when he heard the sound of a tree being snapped into pieces.

The teen inhaled deeply as his breathing steadied. He shifted his weight to keep his eyes on the demons that were running around wildly. His foot slipped on the moist ground. He bumped his head trying to catch himself. The result was a loud noise, giving him away. "Ow, stupid tree…" The teen whispered as he rubbed his head.

All rustling stopped, and the teen could feel many pairs of eyes boring into him. He knew he only had a split second to think before something happened. The teen heard footsteps, and decided to make a run for it.

As the teen ran he could hear the splitting of wood as they smashed the tree he had been in only seconds before. The teen regained his balance and straightened himself. He broke out into a run as quickly as he could. Forcing his legs to move even more, he continued the run. He didn't dare look back; he knew what lurked behind him. The demons laughed and charged after him.

One of the demons in the front of the pack launched himself into the air, landing directly on the teen. The teen was forced into the ground, knocking the air out of him.

The boy managed to turn his body around. He gasped for air, his mind was racing. Why was this happening to him, right now, and somewhere he could be killed? Why him?He could have sworn that a little more force, and his ribs would've cracked. He faced the Thing that towered above him. He could only look on, unable to move. He felt himself choking from his erratic breathing. His body was nearly going into shock from fright alone.

"Rage, don't kill the boy." The leader said, snapping the boy out of his stupor. "We need the blood of that human, and that human alone. You know we can't afford to have him die. The Lord would kill us all."

So this man…thing is their leader… Kain , it was all he could manage to process. The Obvious. Another he knew he'd be able to process would be pain.

Rage turned to look at his leader. "Yeah, but I could still tear a limb or two off, maybe even all of them, and he'd still survive," He proposed with a wicked laugh.

The boy widened his icy blue eyes as he felt his heart sink down to the pits of his stomach. He was going to be eaten. He looked over at their leader.

The leader contemplated this. "That is true." He mused. "Fine. Only an arm or a leg."

The lower demon laughed as it turned its attention back to the young boyat his feet. The teen stared back up at the demon, his eyes wide open in terror.

I'm going to die right here,the teen thought as the demon lifted each of his arms, as if comparing which would be better. And I don't even know what the hell this thing is. He continued to stare at the demon, his body in pure shock. He took the time to berate himself, telling himself many times to run, fight back, and find a way to escape from them once more, anything. He couldn't. His arms and legs wouldn't respond to him. The demon just continued laughing, but it suddenly stopped. He continued to stare ahead. The teen's eyes cleared and focused, only to see the light leaving the demon's eyes.

A drip then landed on the teen's pale cheek. He reached for it and rubbed it in between his fingers. The boy noticed that this drip was not rain; it was dark. The teen's eyes widened as he realized that blood was pouring onto him. Blood poured from the demon's mouth, coating the boy's pale face in the crimson liquid. The smell of their blood was worse than the demon itself. This time, the boy didn't care. The demon was dead.

Suddenly, the demon's head split down the middle, releasing its contents onto the boy. The boy sat up quickly, confused as to what just happened. In horror, he shoved the innards away. He held his stomach, trying not to vomit from the smell of it all. He glanced over at the other demons, which just like Rage, all dropped dead.

The teen's ears perked to the sound of light footsteps. He thought it sounded completely impossible to make such a light noise in the middle of an overgrown wood. As the footsteps came closer, the teen tensed.

"Calm down," A gentle voice said. The voice was located behind the blond. "I'm here to help you out. That's all I'm doing. I'm not here to hurt you."

The voice sounded young, but older than the teen. The older boy continued walking, and appeared in front of the blond.

"Are you all right?" The older male asked as he offered his hand to the teen. This boy had deep brown eyes and equally brown lengthy hair that - in the teen's opinion -would have looked horrible on anyone, but this person seemed to carry himself as if he were sophisticated. His hand was covered in blood. "What? Are you going to wait until more show up?" He asked. His tone was arrogant, but his voice was soft.

"N-no." The teen said quietly. He took the elder boys hand, and was helped up. "Thank you for saving me…If you had shown up just a little later, I'm pretty sure I'd be missing an arm or a leg right now," He said as he tried to remove the blood from his blond locks. When that failed, he tried wiping the blood away from his eyes. The blood burned his eyes so much that two rivers of red were forming under them.

"Crying, are we?" The older boy asked. He seemed to find the thought of a boy crying quite funny.

"Of course not. I'm not crying. My eyes aren't bleeding either." The younger said. "This shit is just burning my eyes." He said in his defense as he looked up at his savior with his icy eyes, with vermillion trails going down his face.

"So, where are you're from…uh…?" The elder began to speak. He couldn't help but notice that this younger boy looked as if he were crying blood. Under the moonlight, this boy looked like an angel. He was a beautiful person, naturally elegant, with the blood accenting his fair skin. He seemed to sparkle in the moonlight.

"I'm Kain." Kain said. He wiped the Vermilion tears away with his jacket sleeve. It hid his face from the other boy.

"'Kain'. What an odd name." The older boy said. "Oh, but no offense." He added as a precaution.

"Oh, none taken." Kain answered. He seemed to be ignoring the older person as he fixed his clothes. "I get that a lot."

"The name's Matt." The elder boy said.

"A pleasure." Kain said. His body language said otherwise, as he continued to fix his appearance as best he could.

"So you're from?" Matt asked. Another thing he noticed was that Kain was probably a very conceited person.

"Uh…Laguna Nigel," Kain said, standing straight. He looked around. "But from the looks of this place, one would assume that we're not anywhere near there." He stated.

"That would be a correct assumption." Matt said. It also seems that he's an intelligent person too. Matt added to himself in thought. "I'll help you home though. Laguna isn't so far." He began to walk off.

"Uh, w-wait." Kain stopped him. "These monsters." He said. They attacked me out of nowhere and I don't even know what they arelet alone if they're even human. Kain glanced over his shoulder at the remains. There couldn't have been even a small chance that they were human. No human could ever possibly have extremely disgusting body disfigurement like that. As bad as to where their flesh was peeling off without giving them any pain, unless there was a whole race of people who were born like that…not likely.

"I think its best that you forget about that." Matt said, walking over to Kain. He grabbed Kain's hand and pulling Kain along. "We've been here way too long. Let us hurry and keep going. More will come to this spot if they can still smell you around it…and you stink something extremely fierce." He said. He continued pulling Kain along, as he continued to walk off. He was extremely tense.

Kain took a long look at the demons. Why did they need me, though? What did I ever do to randomly be attacked like this? He began walking quicker once he felt Matt literally tearing his arm off. I think I'm in a really bad spotand something here isn't so normalbesides the fact that Matt sawed the bodies of those things in halfwith his hand Kain trailed, realizing that he was still holding onto Matt's hand. He felt weird doing so, so he slid his hand away.

Matt made no other movement besides balling his fist, and continuing to walk.

Kain held his hand. His handis freezing cold. It's got to be like seventy degrees out here, and his hand is coldIs he like them? Some kind of demon? Kain asked himself. He walked quietly behind Matt. Matt then helped Kain slide down an embankment. A few away was his car. Kain looked out to see the ocean. It was eerily calm. It was days like this that made no sense. Kain didn't like it when the water was this calm.

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