Summary: The UCRC is the last stop for massively troubled teens before jail or death. However things are not what they seem and as a new student arrives the twisted secrets of the mansion are coming to light as well Marie's own dangerous secret.

"Fractured Red Mind"


The air smelt salty and the gentle breeze that ruffled her jet black hair was warm. The suns golden rays fluttered swiftly across her face ignoring the way her eyes scrunched up in annoyance. She longed to stick her hand outside the open window and feel the comforting wind; however that was not meant to be. Looking down at her hands and the cold metal that bound them to the inside of the car she fought back a sigh. 'They could have at least allowed me one hand free. It's not like I can go anywhere right now.' her melancholy thoughts were ended as a seagull cried out near the window. Emotionless eyes watched the bird while it flew effortlessly along the breeze; its black tipped wings stretched to their fullest and riding the wind. Removing her gaze from the bird her thoughts drifted back to what had caused her to be in her current situation. 'If only I hadn't been loosing control then...'


"Success." white teeth shined in the streets half light while the bedraggled teenager smirked. The deep green eyes focused on the small pile of money in her pale hands. "People really shouldn't bump into me when I'm out of cash. Ha!" letting out a small laugh the raven haired girl pocketed the bills and walked down the street with a smirk. "You little bitch!" a deep voice yelled from across the street making her halt wearily. Turning she spied the man she had napped the money from running down the street, swearing she took off running 'He noticed. He actually noticed his money was gone?! Geeze I need to pay more attention to the people I steal from!' she thought breathlessly while turning into an alley. Her heartbeat began to slow dangerously and her eyes widened in fear. "Not here!" she hissed. Clutching at her head she fell against the dirty brick wall gasping.

"No, go back! I don't want you! You can't..." she screamed and banged her head on the bricks. Her heartbeat slowly started to go back to normal for every blow to the head she received. "Stay away..." she whispered. "Too late you little thief I've caught you now!" the man in the expensive trench coat stood ominously in the alleyway before kicking her in the head. Her last thoughts before blacking out were 'please stay away.'

-End Flashback-

When she had awoken next she was in a cell with a woman in a brown business suit staring at her. That was when she knew her luck had run out. She was from the state, meaning that since she was underage she would be sent to some government operated 'rehab' facility in hopes that she would one day be 'a productive member of society' even if she had a criminal record. Considering everything she had been charged with she was surprised she hadn't been automatically placed in jail, regardless of her age status. Well, she had been surprised until she found out where exactly she was going. "Underage Children's Rehabilitation Center" or UCRC for short. It was the last stop before jail or death. Truthfully she would have rather been back on the streets, she knew the streets. Having nothing else to do but think, her thoughts went back to what the social worker had told her about the 'place' she would now be staying.


"You are in a lot of trouble, I hope you realize this is your last chance." with a toothy smirk the green eyed teen looked at the woman. "I never asked for any chances. I hope you realize that." crossing her arms she stared into the woman's brown eyes. "We have handled cases like yours all the time, and they have been met with success. I hope you will be one more to add to that statistic." Snorting at the woman the girl looked away. "You have yet to meet someone like me..." she muttered quietly. "What was that?" Glaring at the woman she said no more. With a large sigh the social worker sat down on the edge of the desk. "Have you heard of the UCRC before?" nodding her head she remained silent. "Do you know what they do, or more accurately how things are run there?" seeing the teen shake her head she began to explain. "This facility houses dangerous underage children who the founder of the program believes are capable of rehabilitation and eventual integration with the rest of the populace."

"Pretty much it's a lesser version of a prison." the brown haired social worker looked annoyed at her statement but didn't voice it. "No, it's a place for troubled children and teens to recover from things they have done in a safe and secure environment." she outright laughed at that. "You call putting a bunch of crazy people in a 'large' room 'safe and secure', I think you are delusional." With an affronted gasp the social worker got off the desk and strode over to the teen. "The founder, Marc Emerson, has put his life and almost his entire fortune into this program to help you little street rats. You have no right to talk about the UCRC badly!" with that she slapped the pale skinned teen. "Well, looks like you finally showed your true colors. I was wondering how long you would hold out." a smirk worked its way onto the girls face as the social worker stared angrily at her. She failed to deliver any more information on the UCRC to her.

-End Flashback-

With blank eyes she watched the sea travel out of her view and the walls of the bridge get higher and higher as they descended into a tunnel. The artificial darkness and the bright yellow lights irritated her eyes but she refused to show it. It wasn't as though any one could do anything about it. As they exited the tunnel the vehicle made a left turn down a road that had seen many better days. It was old and parts of it were washed away leaving greenery to overrun where the pavement had once been. After what had seemed like hours in the quiet car they pulled down a dirt road that lead to large rot iron gates. The driver rolled down the window and pressed a button to talk into the intercom. "We have the new arrival, open the gates." the man spoke gruffly before rolling the window back up. After a pause the gates creaked and swung open on their hinges loudly. Green eyes widened a fraction at the sight of the home, no mansion. "Impressive isn't it?" the woman sitting next to her finally stated. Scowling the teen turned away from the mansion feigning disinterest. "Whatever you say." with a sigh the woman got out of the car and walked around the other side. Pulling open the back passenger side door she knelt down by the teen's side. Taking a pair of keys out of her suits pocket she quickly undid the restraints, freeing the girls wrists. "There are a few more thing you'll need to know before we go in."

"One, since this is your last chance you will need to be on your best behavior considering your record. Two, you will not be housed by yourself. There will be anywhere from one to three other people in your room and about forty-five people in your wing of the mansion. Don't give me that look, you gave up privacy the moment you got caught." glaring unhappily at the woman the teen resisted the urge to hit her. Sadly that would only put her into more trouble. "Three, you will be given a daily assessment during your stay here, and if at any time you get too many strikes against you, you can and will be removed from here if there isn't a disciplinary action strong enough here to match what you did. And those are just the basics. Your new councilor will have the rest of the information after we meet with them inside." moving aside the woman made sure the mansion was in the teens view. "Welcome to your new home, Marie Blackwell."

-End Prologue-

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