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CHAPTER 2: The Secrets That Bind Us

No more then five minutes had gone by and the silence was already maddening. Marie calmly flipped through the glossy catalog pages almost silently humming and seemingly unaware of the tense atmosphere. 'Page number 46 has some good things on it but...ehh...' turning to the next page she was still indecisive until she looked at the things on page fifty-two. 'Now thats what I'm talking about!' pulling out the order form with a smile on her face she eagerly marked down the item number as well as the price and page number and continued with a few more things until her first outfit was complete. The first full outfit she had selected consisted of a pair of all black, baggy cargo pants that had many pockets. Accompanying that was an all black long sleeved shirt with a red skull covering the chest area. She had also selected a pair of black combat boots that had three straps going around it along with three buckles and a dark blue choker collar for her neck. 'This shit is better then anything I could have stolen!' with barely contained glee she turned to the next page and was surprised to find an item she desired. Once again going to the order form, only this time going under the space provided for the second outfit, she added the required information and went back to the catalog. 'Hmm..I need something interesting to go with that...' a small gasp escaped her lips as she found the perfect accessories for her previous selection. While she was doing this she could feel the eyes of her roommates on her. She hated it but seeing as they probably believed she was going to slit their throats while they slept, it was ok for the moment but not as a daily occurrence. Completing her second outfit she dropped the pen onto the order form and continued looking. This outfit consisted of a pair of knee high black boots, a short black and red skirt and a black tank top with fake bloodstains. The bloodstains were supposed to glow green in the dark. She also added a pair of blue gloves that came up to just under her elbows. Hearing a sigh Marie turned to the doorway where a woman in her late twenties stood beside a man of the same age. The woman had long brown hair and hazel eyes; she was wearing a long pale skirt with brown velvet boots and a tan blouse. The man next to her had spiked blond hair, blue eyes and greeted them with a large smile; he wore a t-shirt and jeans. "So this is your new roommate?" the mans deep voice questioned. "I thought all of you would have been chatting up a storm by now? I'm sort of disappointed in you three..." the woman spoke right after. "Well if she wasn't suck a freaking psycho maybe we would be talking!" Amy snapped from her bed. "Surely she can't be that bad? You only just met each other, give it a few days."

"Her file has nothing on her, it's like they picked a random person off the street without knowing a damn thing about them!" Amy crossed her arms while the two boys silently nodded their agreement. "That can't be true, we have everyone's compete inform-" James interrupted the woman. "But Mrs. Lee it's true. Amy even went and looked at the file herself, they have nothing, not even a favorite color!" the brown haired woman, or Mrs. Lee, looked at Marie in shock before turning to the blond. "Dan, could they really not have anything? Would they really accept someone-" she was cut off by his hand settling upon her shoulder. "I'm sure 'they' know what their doing. As for having no info on her, well get to know her and then you won't need to worry about the incomplete file." he smile reassuringly at the three teens before looking over to Marie. "So, what is your name Miss quiet one?" deep green eyes stared into Dan's blue ones, the emptiness in them almost making him shiver. Turning back to the catalog she murmured 'Marie'. During part of that conversation she had found all the accessories for her third outfit. Another long black sleeved shirt with bold green italicized lettering stating 'STFU' or rather, 'Shut The Fuck Up' abbreviated; a pair of black baggy jeans, flip flops and a roll of black bandages she could wrap her arms with. She kept the smile from her face this time while knowing the adults were watching her. She didn't want to be friendly with even one of them if she could help it, it was their fault after all, that she was in this place. "She really doesn't talk much does she." Mrs. Lee stated. "And it seems that she'd rather be left alone then socialize, Caren you think its antisocial disorder?" Dan spoke softly to Mrs. Lee but not softly enough that the others didn't hear it. "Well we could spend all day here speculating on what she may or my not have, but I think it's best we leave this to her councilor. Behave you guys." she glared lightly at the teens before smiling to Dan and leaving. "Well now that she's gone lets have some fun, what do you all say?" three simultaneous yells settled that question for the councilor. "Go on ahead to the outdoor rec room, todays password is 'Lucky Charms.'" the three teens gave him an odd look before he put his hands up to defend himself. "Hey I don't make the passwords I just hand them out!" Amy grumbled something like 'sure thats what they all say' but they all walked quietly from the room...before running down the hallway like animals. Shaking his head at his secretly favorite students Dan walked over and sat on the bottom bunk opposite of Marie.

"So how has your first day been going so far?" Marie didn't even seem to acknowledge that Dan had spoken making him frown. Usually the 'quiet' students they got there would for whatever reason take offense to that question and yell something like 'I didn't even want to be here so leave me the hell alone' before becoming a little more open . But form Marie's demeanor it just seemed like she didn't care one way or the other and was going to keep everything locked inside indefinitely. That was a big problem. The first students to give violent reactions were the ones who were too tightly wound inside; the ones who were distant. "Marie?" he coaxed. 'Hmm... I would get that one but it's in pink and I fucking hate pink. So maybe I'll go with the dark green one instead...Yeah that sounds good.' making up her mind Marie put down the final items for her last outfit before closing the catalog. The last piece consisted of a dark green short sleeved t-shirt that had the phrase 'I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on' printed in black lettering with a white outline on the front; there was a large yellow smiley face at the bottom. With that she had selected black cargo capris that came with a low hanging silver belt and black running shoes that had flames on the sides. With that chore completed folded the order form back up and placed that along with the catalog back inside the envelope. Only then did she look at Dan. Raising a eyebrow to him she kept silent. With a large sigh he stood up and knelt down in front of her. "Any particular reason you have abstained form speaking? Or is it just when the councilors are around?" his deep blue eyes showed concern, whether it was actual concern or concern for the fact she wasn't talking, Marie couldn't tell. "One, I don't like talking very much. Two, I have no desire to talk with any of the people here be it the students or councilors. Three, since you are not my councilor you are not bound by oath to keep anything I tell you silent. And even with that you councilors can can get around that if it is for 'my own well being.' So I can't I trust my councilor either." with that said she turned and rolled over on the bed and 'ended' the conversation. 'Chew on that you bastards. I'll bet all the money in the world that they'll think I have 'trust' issues. They think they are so smart, but they don't even know about my major problem. Idiots, all of them.' Marie grumbled to herself silently. The man waited a few more moments as if waiting to see if she was going to speak again, and when she didn't he left the room while quietly closing the door behind him.

Rolling back over and sitting up Marie frowned. "Now what am I going to do...I don't even know if I am allowed to roam around by myself...?" hanging her head her eyes darkened for a moment and she heard the other voice in the back of her mind laugh while saying 'Like that has ever stopped you before.' Racking her nails over her palm hard enough to bleed the voice faded away completely into the background once more. "I hate very much." with a growl she hoisted herself off of the bed and calmly left the room not bothering to close the door again. Heading down the hallway she noticed that only a few teens were walking the hallways like herself. 'That has to mean there is something interesting to do if they are not all wandering around aimlessly like me.' In just a few short minutes she reached the doors that lead out of the blood colored hallways and into cool gray colored ones that she supposed were meant to be silver. 'Why not just call it gray? That is what it looks like.' glancing a little further down she noted a small showcase that stood up against one of the walls in the middle of the hallway. With nothing better to do Marie made her way over to it and found herself face to face with various forms of art ranging from paintings to clay-works. Her eyes trailed over the fired clay figures and she almost scoffed at them. "Is that the best they can do?" inwardly she knew her own skills were much better, at least in that area if nothing else. "Just who the hell do you think you are to say such things about another persons artwork?" a taller brown haired girl with dark brown eyes said angrily. Rolling her eyes Marie ignored her and attempted to pass by only to be stopped by a hand on her arm. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" feeling her chest tighten a cruel smile crawled across Marie's face and she barred her teeth at the girl. "If you value your arm I suggest you let go of mine." the girl looked startled and her grip loosened enough for Marie to pull away. "It doesn't matter who I am because the next time you try something like this it will not end well for either of us." with that Marie left the unnamed girl standing in the hallway by herself. 'Why do idiots flock to me like sheep? Honestly do they not care about their lives?' shaking her head she walked through the next set of doors and was in the Blue wing. The walls were covered in a deep royal blue that seemed oddly calming on the eyes. "How the fuck do I get away from the wings...?" continuing on she finally ended up back in the Black wing where she remembered them entering from in the first place. "God they need better directional signs..." pushing open the large door that lead to the other hallways she closed it quietly. "Light blue with a tacky border, yup I'm in the right place." So far she could see no other people walking about and that suited her just fine. Glaring at the black door she had been brought to earlier (the one her councilor resided in) she passed it only to hear raised voices coming from a pale green door not even five feet away. Making sure to be as quiet as possible she walked over to the door to listen in on the conversation; they were talking so loud she didn't even need to press her ear to the door.

"How could you bring someone in here without knowing their full history, it makes them a liability!" an unfamiliar voice yelled. "Now while I agree with Mr. Yatez over here, I do believe we all came here to help these students not concern ourselves with petty issues such as a full background check." a few more murmurs of agreement and another older sounding voice spoke up. "She was brought here specifically because we had little information on her, we felt that she would would be a perfect addition here. If anyone cares to look at her records it will show all of her arrests and crimes." This time the room was quiet for so long Marie thought they just might have all died. "Now other then her arrest records, what exactly do we know about her? What is her personality? Her likes and dislikes?" a few shuffling noises and Marie picked out the next voice as 'Dan' the councilor. "We know she has trust issues." someone further away asked 'we do?' and there were a few laughs. "Yes earlier, actually right before I came to this meeting, I was talking with her once her roommates had left. She was very adamant about not saying anything specifically about herself because she felt she could not trust anyone, even her own councilor, to keep those details private." mare grinned. 'Hook line and sinker! Stupid fuckers.' inwardly proud of herself for feeding them false information she nearly missed the rest of the conversation. "She was also quiet, but very confrontational when actually speaking. She tries so desperately to make sure others do not like her that it makes me wonder what sort of treatment she received as a child. It could be that she has a form of Anti-social Disorder." The woman, Caren Lee, from earlier added. 'Oh there is a reason I'm pushing people away but it not because of some stupid thing like Anti social Disorder.' the rest of the conversation began to dwindle down and the only other things she could make out was that the meeting was ending; which meant that she had to leave right away. Leaping away from the door she practically ran down the hallway towards the other doors. Opening that door she heard a mass of teenagers voices coming from a room further down the hall. She watched as a bright orange door opened with rock music waifing into the hallway; it was the rec room that was mentioned earlier. "This sucks..." not really wanting to get caught out of the room, as she felt it would take away from her uncaring attitude, she disappeared through the doorway and tore down the right side of the Black Wings hallway and through the Silver Wing to finally reach the Red Wing. "Room six, room six..." she murmured. Finding room number six she entered and closed the door behind her before returning to her previous position of laying on her bed facing the wall. Breathing a sigh of relief Marie could feel her heartbeat hammering in her chest and the adrenaline from the feeling of almost being caught. Only a few moments later her three roommates opened the door cautiously.

The tension in the room could have been cut with a knife making Marie smile. It was exactly what she wanted, to make them so uncomfortable that it would cause problems leading to them hating her. "No!" Marie inwardly flinched at the loud sound coming from Amy before forcing herself to relax again. "I'm not going to go over there she almost killed me earlier! If you want to 'lighten the atmosphere' why don't you go talk to her then?!" Marie almost snorted at Amy's attempt at whispering but that would let them in on the fact that she was actually paying attention to them. It was after all, fun to mess with people. Hearing the rustle of fabric and the slightest indent in her mattress she rolled over to peer blankly at the dark haired boy named Dean. Saying nothing she just stared directly into his eyes, never talking and never blinking. After a few seconds he started to fidget but didn't move or look away from her. "What do you want?" she said finally after five or so minutes. Even she could get impatient. Looking at her with features almost as blank as her own he swallowed thickly. "As your roommate I would like to get to know you a little better so that there wont be so much..." he struggled for a word which Marie easily supplied. "Tension?" Dean nodded silently. "I figure if we ask you something you can ask us something in return." after that he finally regained some color on his paper white skin (which still looked horribly pale) and appeared less stressed. 'I have to give him points for this, he didn't pass out as others have done. Can't these people take a hint though? Urg...' rolling back over so that her face was once again facing away from him she answered. "Fine." she heard what sounded like a relieved sigh come from James. "What is your favorite color?" Amy shot out not even a moment afterwards. "Amethyst." Just because she had agreed to this little 'get to know your roommate' thing didn't mean she would answer in long drawn out sentences, or even truthfully for that matter. She did happen to love Amethyst but it was more of a tie between that and Black. "Does that mean you like pink?" came the second question out of Amy's mouth before she uttered a loud 'ow'. "Marie has the next question, Amy." James's laughter filled voice crept across the room. "Amy, what did you do to get in here." Marie had been tempted to call it hell but figure that she would save nice little comments like that for the councilors, at least for now. "I beat up anyone who wasn't as beautiful as me. I even sent a few of those bitches to the hospital." Marie let out a sigh and something along the lines of 'that doesn't really surprise me' that made Dean laugh quietly. "What is your favorite thing to do?" Dean spoke up before Amy could remember her second 'color' question. "Anything art related." was out of Marie's mouth before she even had the chance to consider lying to them. 'Damn it! I need to stop spacing out!' she silently berated herself for giving away actual information for the second time. Sitting up and placing a slightly warped smile on her face she turned to the others. "Have any of you killed, or have come close to killing someone?" Amy violently shook her head while James muttered a quiet 'no'. "Yes." it was Deans answer that came as a shock two his other roommates. (minus Marie) "I...It was back when my paranoia was really bad... I almost..." there had been a flash of something dark in his eyes but it left after a moment making Marie think she might have been seeing things. 'Just how much are you hiding boy?' Marie let out a small laugh and declared that she was bored with them once more before laying back down on her bed facing away form them. The silence was awkward once more and that was how they were found when the dinner bell rang.

-End chap 2-