If looks could kill, I'd be long dead

But your looks just serve to choke instead

And choking never leads to death

Or kill the joy within your breath

Upon my neck or in my hair

(and to think that I once held you thereā€¦)

Within me, still, a child of love

That no one knows the real name of

I love what lives inside your head

What lives far from me the days I dread

That I'm alone, where once I lived in you

All those days you loved me too

In one way or another still

You find these ways to make me fill

My heart with something that feels like love

Or something new

For me and you

That no one knows the real name of

And through my skin you always see

This little bit of good in me

Or complete and utter lack thereof

(that no one knows the real name of)

And here, in you,

Flawed and free

is the only way

I know how to be.