Fact or Fiction?

Today's Subject: Werewolves.

Okay, today's subject is the werewolf. Now, the first chapter covered how we should approach the mystery of whether to believe, or not but, for this chapter we should see just how realistic the thought of a human turning into a wolf, or for that matter any animal is. The first thing we must remember is that animals have different physiological builds then humans and, therefor in order to transform we would have to have our entire circulatory system, and organs morph to match! A larger problem then one would think seeing as you have to survive the entire ordeal, and one's organs turning into something else would be rather uncomfortable, to say the least.

The first thing, however should be the realistic build of a werewolf.

The fully transformed werewolf cannot be the shape and size of a real wolf because it would require to many changes. If there is/was such a thing as werewolves then they must be human sized for a reason, perhaps because of the organ discussion earlier.

Therefore, the werewolf should ideally be of human height, with larger hind feet in order to support the creature when it stands on them. Remember, normally wolves have larger front paws, and small hind paws, so if a witness saw those two reversed maybe the werewolf might be real?

Also, the forepaws cannot be paws, as they wouldn't do as much damage as the werewolf is shown, or said to have been able to do. Answer? Claws. They would help to rend flesh, and also transfer force from the muscles to the ground if he were to pursue his prey.

The face, even as painful as it may seem would need to morph into a wolf's maw in keeping with the werewolf idea. And no Lon Chaney wolf-man tripe as that could merely be that syndrome wherein the hair on the body grows abnormally.

Now, after thinking over these few things, I move quickly onto the weaknesses of a Werewolf so as to understand perhaps why these weaknesses are as they are:

Silver. Quick and simple, huh? That one's way too obvious.

Some say certain plants, but then again a simple dart of mistletoe did a Norse god in, so that's not unbelievable! Those plants would be Wolfsbane, which was said to be created by the drool from Cerberus; and Belladonna which actually exists to the best of my knowledge.

But, if the WW is only killable by using silver or by a plant, would that mean that burning it to dust is out of the question? Or would it come back to life? Maybe flame is another weakness? Can it drown? If so then we found another! Radiation? Maybe, maybe not, but it'd at least lose all its fur! Let's see it try and be vicious after that! (second thought; it'd be uglier than sin, so no.)

You see, these things come to mind more often then anything; if they can only be killed a certain way then most likely, if no explanation as to why has been presented there must be more to the story! Either they do not exist as the powerful entities as they've been described or those who're keeping tabs didn't stop to think that just maybe you'd find a vampire in the desert and have no stake in hand, or a werewolf when you were on the way to buy a silver bolt? Always find different ways to kill thy enemy!!

So, maybe they do exist? What say you? We've covered some of the physiological subjects we need to make a sound judgment, and some of the weaknesses needed to verify whether they could indeed exist (And opened a few cans of radioactive worms, I might add) or not, but this is still not enough! Maybe actual sightings might help?

Hey, I think I can help on that...

First, and foremost is The Beast Of Bray Road:

Now, this one is rather interesting because many of the witnesses were given lie detector tests and, while not absolutely accurate (The Lie Detector) has a better chance of disproving the claims of small town folk's stories. Because it did not, and proved that they at least believed what they all saw, I feel this deserves mention.

Now, the Beast has been given many different descriptions, some saying it was humanoid, others saying it was like a wolf, and yet more saying it was some sort of bear. But what was it really? To this day, no one really knows...

The second story is a lesser known one (The Beast of GĂ©vaudan) from France between 1764 to 1767, wherein a new type of wolf was credited with the slaughter of 100 townsfolk, and got even the then acting king involved in its hunt, and destruction! Imagine the president of the United States involving the Secret Service and FBI in a doggy hunt and you'll get the severity of the situation (though, with our president...oh dear god don't give him the idea!!). This wolf killed people, not for food but as though it enjoyed the act, and did so even in broad daylight WITH witnesses! Perhaps not a werewolf, but still...

Of course, seeing as the victims were mostly women and children, who often toiled the fields alone and constantly bending over...and without tools to protect themselves...good lord, and we survived to get to the top of the food chain? There goes Darwin's Theory...

Another, though in my newest opinion perhaps fake story was one I ran across in my youth! Now, for a little background info on myself: I'm a male, a future police officer of the state of which I've lived for a long time and a lover of any truth out there. Now that I say this, I will give you my account of a story I once saw, recollected after a few talks with a particular reader of this (you know who you are) essay.

The story takes place in Oregon, USA. For the life of me I cannot remember what town it was in but that it was a rural area. The story goes that, after witnessing many incidents of supposed werewolves in the area, from many different witnesses mind you, the police became involved and, after one night an officer came in with the story that he'd even witnessed a creature much like a wolf but not. This, coupled with earlier incidents pushed the police department to start issuing silver bullets to it's officers!

Now, as I said it could be fake because I've not found any mention of it anywhere on the 'net, but I'd like any info on this story whatsoever so as to clear up any confusion it, and I might have caused.(how about that? I' m asking you guys for help!) It took place in the mid 1990s to 2000, if this helps any. Even a newspaper clipping would be of use!

Of course, nowadays Silver Tipped Hallow Point bullets are in use by the FBI and many military special operations groups, but the STHP isn't actually silver, it's aluminum.

Now, on with the essay!

Of course, many stories also speak of the werewolf's natural enemy the Vampire, and this has me wondering:

Are they really enemies?


For what reason?

Can anyone say anything about this without referring to some dippy role-playing game? Or, heaven forbid Underworld? (Mind you, I loved the music in both movies, but that's it...)

You see, the werewolf was, from my studies often paired up as the vampire's familiar! Maybe I have studied this subject wrong, and believe me I wouldn't put it past me but, you still have to wonder why the werewolf and vampire would be enemies when, from historical contexts the werewolf was either a familiar or a secondary form for the vampire!

However, I doubt that the WW was a secondary form for the vampire because, if the weaknesses of a vampire are different then that of a WW then it would've been only a matter of transforming into the form the hunter wasn't ready for and killing him since silver was never the weakness of a vampire to begin with! (Wow, that was a long one, huh?)

I apologize for going back into weaknesses for a minute there, and wonder right now if I could have made these essays any more jumbled then they already are? If so, please, tell me so that I can do so next time!

This series of essays is not through, I've decided as there is far too much to be learned about these groups, and I welcome any additional info one of you may have concerning any supernatural subject out there.

As a final note, I know some of you may be wondering if I believe, earnestly in any thing? Well, I do...

In Karma, and in Horoscopes.

Though, neither do I let have absolute rule over my life, nor should you let any of this rule yours.

In closing, I wish to hawk the Manga "Dance In The Vampire Bund" as, even though it carries some stereotypical vampire weaknesses (Sunlight...argh!!) it has a very neat setting as there's politics involved...check it out, I command you!

As for werewolves? I have something even better, if you've ever wanted to live out those twisted fantasies of yours...

Go out and buy the Xbox game Morrowind GOTY since it allows for you to play around in a large, off-line world, and even become a vampire, or werewolf! Make sure you buy the Game Of The Year edition, though!!

Now, I want all of you to give me your thoughts on all this, if indeed you have any...

Also, I want for all of you to know that I am thinking of writing a second chapter to both this essay and the vampire essay.