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Antoinette opened her eyes to see her mother standing next to her bed with a cake

Antoinette opened her eyes to see her mother standing next to her bed with a cake. "Happy Birthday, Sleepyhead." Her mother said. "Now make a wish."

Antoinette blinked several times trying to get adjusted to the sunlight and looked at the cake. It was a medium sized cake covered in white frosting with pieces of fruit for decoration. It was a pastel de tres leches—a cake of three milks—of that she was sure, for it was her favorite type of cake. She looked at the candles that formed a number eighteen. Taking a deep breath she wished for what she had been wishing the last five years, determined that this would be the last time. Letting her breath out the flames flickered and died. She had wished for Eddie.

Eighteen. She was finally eighteen. A smile formed on her face as she stretched one more time. She yawned as she lifted the sheets. Her room was full of sunlight coming from her window, which only helped improve her mood. "Get dressed so we can go out for breakfast." Her mother said interrupting her thoughts. She turned from the window and looked at her mother. Still a bit hazy from sleep, she only nodded. Tony watched as her mother walked out of her room caring her cake carefully. She yawned one more time as she got out of her bed and on headed to the bathroom.


An hour later, she was fully awake and refreshed—the wonders of a shower—and on her way to breakfast with her mom. Her mother was talking about something or other. She would usually be paying attention, yet there were times when she did get lost in her thoughts, today was one of those days. She was lost in her thoughts looking out the window as her mom drove on. That was the reason why they got along so well, they were too much alike, and knowing themselves well, they knew each other well. Her mother had stopped talking realizing that she wasn't paying attention. The silence however brought her back to reality.

"So where are we going mom?" Her mother smiled.

"We're going to IHOP, and then I thought we could stop by and see Anna."

Her elder sister, by nine years, had just had twins the morning before; the reason why she had been so sleepy yesterday. They had had to induce her labor and she had been in the hospital for two days. Two days where Tony had not been home nor slept a wink. And now she had two beautiful nephews—tiny little things though.

"That's sounds great! When is she getting out of the hospital?"

"Tomorrow I think."

Tony's cell rang at that moment.


"Happy Birthday Monkey!" the voices of her two best friends yelled into her ear, making her smile in spite of herself.

"Thanks you guys!"

"So I say we go hit the clubs tonight!" said Mel.

"Yeah…right" answered Tony.

Adeline and Melissa laughed on the other side of the line.

"Seriously, we have to go out and celebrate, I say T.G.I Fridays. Some cheddar mashed potatoes, fuck yeah!" Mel said. Tony shook her head with a smile on her face. Mel was always thinking about food, and it made her wonder where she hid it all. She ate more than her and Adie put together and she was still skinny as a stick.

"Yeah Tony, we have to celebrate. Eighteen!" Adie said.

"O.K it sounds great. But it'll have to be later I'm going to go see my sister at the hospital."

"Oh yeah! How are the twins?" said Adie.

"They're great, adorable."

"Where are you now?" asked Mel.

"I'm on my way to IHOP for the traditional breakfast with my mom."

"So you're not driving?"

"Nope, why?"

"We'll meet you at the hospital; we're kidnapping you for the day. Better tell your mom you're gonna be out late."

Tony laughed. "Ok then, I'll see you guys later."

"See ya!" Adie and Mel said.

Tony hanged up the phone and turned to her mom. "Go ahead, have fun." Her mom said before she even had the chance to ask her for permission. Tony allowed the excitement show on her face and with a big smile leaned in to give her mom a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks mom! Oh, and also, I don't think that we are‒"

"Be as late as you want, but today's an exception alright? Don't think that is going to be like this all the time."

If it would have been under any different circumstance, Tony would have argued, but happy that her mother was allowing her to be out later than eleven pm; Tony decided to save the argument for another occasion.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" she said instead.


"Hey there beautiful mama!" Tony told her sister as she walked into the hospital room.

The room looked exactly like all the other hospital rooms Tony had seen (and there were many). The room was little and set for two patients, but since her sister had had twins they had made an exception for her. The bed her sister had picked was next to the large window that faced the front street of the hospital, and being on the fifth floor, the only view out that window were the rooftops of the buildings in front of the hospital. The room was plain with a half attempt to comfort. The walls were a light shade of pink, more like the color of the inside of a grapefruit. There were two pictures hanging on the walls, and the wall next to the door was covered with two white boards. The plain decorations of the room never allowed you to forget where you where, and Tony loved it.

She loved the all too familiar smell of hospitals, the small feeling of urgency and respect that they produced inside of her. Since she was ten years old, Tony had known that this was the place she belonged in, she had set her mind into becoming a doctor and nothing since then had changed her mind.

Tony looked at her sister propped on the small twin sized bed. She looked in much better condition than she had looked the past two days. Her face was relaxed, all traces of pain long gone. Tony noticed that her hair was the dark chestnut color that it got when it was wet. It had always baffled her how they could be so different. Besides from being nine years apart, Anna was…beautiful. She had light green eyes, light skin, her hair, when dry, was a light chestnut color. While Tony on the other hand, had black curly hair, big brown eyes—the exact same color as her mothers— that looked like the color of honey when she was at peace. Her skin was a light brown that looked more like a permanent tan. Like the color of coffee when a lot of milk has been added. The only similarity was that both had curly hair.

Anna smiled as she looked up from the baby in her arms. "Hey you…" Tony walked to her and sat at the edge of the tiny bed. "Can I?" she asked signaling to the baby in her sisters arms. Her sister handed her the tiny little thing and Tony carefully arranged him in her arms. She looked at little Sebastian sleeping peacefully. With a finger she rubbed it against his soft cheek. This is heaven, she thought. Her mother was carrying Sebastian's twin brother, Nathaniel. Tony looked up at her sister, "Nice job" she said. Her sister laughed, "Yeah, and you where worried they would be ugly." Tony smiled and shrugged, "Hey, you never know. Especially with that father of theirs…"

"What about their father?" Hector, her brother in law said, coming in from the doorway.

"Oops!" Tony feigned a face of surprise.

They all laughed. "That's two Tony." Hector said with a fake warning in his tone.

There was a knock on the door. "Can we?" Adie and Mel peeked their heads inside. "Oh, hey you guys!" Tony said. "Is it time already?"

"Hey there birthday girl! No we just wanted to come see the babies if there is no problem." Adie said looking at Anna.

"Oh my!" Anna said "Tony I'm so sorry, Happy birthday!"

"Don't stress, but you do owe me that cake you promised to bake me."

"Ok, you got a deal! Come on in you guys, of course there is no problem."

Adie and Mel walked inside, saying hello to everybody in the room. Adie grabbed Sebastian from Tony, and Mel with a frightened faced kept telling Tony's mom that she was ok just looking at the baby.

They stayed there for what seemed like about another hour. Tony kissed her new nephews, her sister, and her mom before leaving. Playfully punching Hector on her way out.


"Now you are all ours, umm…what to do with you? Eighteenth birthday, big deal…" Mel said in the elevator. Tony was exited, she loved her friends. Even if they only spend the day eating out and talking about God knew what, she would enjoy herself.

"Aha! I got it, El Torritos sounds about right. I'm craving that carne asada plate." Mel stated.

"You're always craving that carne asada plate," said Adie.

"Umm…incase you've forgotten, I am the birthday girl you know…"

Adie and Mel gave her innocent smiles.

"Right, so tell us Tony, what you feel like doing."

"I don't care what we eat," she said winking at Mel, who gave her a snug smile, "But I do feel like going to the beach to see the sunset." She smiled at Adie's and Mel's understanding similes. "And besides, I do want to rock the heck out of this day; I don't have a curfew today." She added as an afterthought.

"Oh yeah, we are definitely going to get wasted and party all night!" Mel stated with a sarcastic smile. They all laughed as they got into the car.

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