I understand about Frankie's mom, I think she finds it easier because Wally has been there and knowing how they felt about each other, but I was upset at her also. Frankie does decide to squash it and never bring it up again. I needed to end this story because there was a lot I could continue with it, but I wanted to end it on a good note and with no more drama. Frankie needed to be happy and Wally needed to move on. Hope everyone is okay with that...it was teetering on novel length instead of novella like I envisioned...lmao.


Two Years later...

"Frankkkkiiieeee!" I called to her in the room, exasperated to no end. "Fraaaannnkkieeee, don't let me come in there and get you!" I threatened. I heard a muffled sound in and opened the door to see her struggling. I shook my head at her and walked in, closing the door behind me. "What are you trying to do?"

"I had to use the restroom and I didn't want to get my dress filthy, can you zip it up for me?" she asked, looking over her shoulder. We stood in front of a full lenght mirror. Frankie looked beautiful in a soft pink lace strapless princess wedding gown. Her hair was styled beautifully with irridescent pearls through the curls that sat just at the back of her head. I could only stare as I zipped her up slowly. She looked at me through the mirror.


"You're beautiful. I'm jealous of Stephen." I smirked.

"Thanks, it means a lot to have you here, Wally." she whispered. I could see her eyes beginning to water and shook my head.

"Stop, I'm done." I muttered. Frankie coughed through her emotions and turned around. "Good grief, he's one lucky man." I wiped the lone tear that slipped down her cheek. "You remember our first kiss?" I grinned at her.

"Don't remind me." We both laughed.

"The day of the accident, I was thinking about that and I had a good laugh at how silly we were. Such kids." I pulled out my handkercheif and dabbed at the remaining wetness on her eyes before pocketing it. She looked wonderful, smelled amazing, and best of all, she was happy.


"Yeah...I have something for you." I reached in my other pocket and pulled out a diamond charm bracelet to place on her bare wrist. "I'd bought a ring to propose to you back then, but since Stephen beat me too it, I traded it in for something more useful. Think of it as something old." I finished clasping it. "Before you go out there, Frankie, don't forget who gave you your first kiss." Frankie rolled her eyes and hit me playfully on my chest.

"Thank you, it's beautiful." She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I'm nervous." She giggled.

"What for? You're about to marry the man you love. You should be excited."

"I am, goodness, but I'm going to be married, Wally! I'm going to be a Mrs." she looked like she was going to start crying again.

"Oh geez, Frankie!" I cried, looking at her.

"Sorry. We got everything? I didn't forget anything, did I, Wally?" She said suddenly falling into a panic. I shook my head.

"I have your wedding vows safely here." I patted my breast pocket. "I'll tell Uncle James your ready." I gave her light kiss on the cheek and mouthed "I love you" before leaving a grinning Frankie to look after me.

After the car accident, I thought I'd died. I resolved to die, but Frankie stayed by my side the whole time. Through my physical therapy and taking care of me until I was able to do it myself again. I had suffered a concussion, broken arm, and broken leg. I was very lucky compared to my car which looked like nothing should have survived, much less me.

I was deeply saddened to be unable to pursue Frankie and take her away from Stephen, but he had to be a good guy and help her out. Whenever it came to the embarrassing moments, Stephen had been the first to volunteer to help when Uncle James couldn't. Eventually I had to ask him why, when I wanted to take his girlfriend away. He laughed and told me because anyone or thing that is important to Frankie will always be important to him. No matter if he wanted her. In the end I couldn't help but like the man. Frankie did good and even I had to resolve to let her live her life with him. Stephen was the best man for the job. I was just happy to be in her life. She'd always be my first love and I take special note that I'll always be hers.

It seems like a tragic love story. First her, then me. We never did get it right, then again, maybe it never was meant to be. Maybe our lives were only meant to be intertwined this way. Either way I'm at peace with our outcome because Frankie is happy and I still get to be a part of her life. If she could move on and find love again, I know I can also.